Introducing Embedded Youtube Plugin

This project was in the back burner. In January, I had decided that I would release one Plugin every month to the public for free. It has been long overdue, until now. This week, I had my programmer friend work on a Plugin idea, that I thought of 2 weeks back.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I take great pride in presenting you the Embedded Youtube Plugin (EYP). This Plugin pulls videos from Youtube automatically based on the keywords you supply. Once you provide the keyword, EYP will publish a video from among the TOP 5 videos for that keyword. You can see a working demo at Blogrepreneur homepage in the sidebar.

The Plugin is simple to use. Unzip and upload all the files to the plugins directory in your WP installation. Go to Plugins menu in your Admin and activate it. Then, go to Options – Youtube Video and provide your keyword and the height and width of the video. To place the video in the sidebar, copy and paste the below code wherever you want it to appear in your sidebar.

<h2 class=”sidebartitle”>Latest Video</h2>
<ul class=”linkcat”>
<?php video_link(); ?>

You are done!

Download the Youtube Plugin.

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  1. Great job. Very interesting plugin.

    Is it for WordPress only?

  2. Yes, for wordpress only.

  3. I’m looking for a a youtube sidebar plugin for my African safari website/blog. wish i could see the demo of the plugin at work before i install it.

  4. Look at the right hand bottom of this blog. That is a live example using this plugin. :)

  5. Hi!
    This Plugin is great. Is it possible to use custom fields for different, singe post based keywords, instead the single keyword you use in the admin section?
    Cheers, Kreuzbergr

  6. Great plugin, thank you!

  7. Hi blogrepreneur, I just want to commend you coz I really like your self-seo page.

  8. I installed the plug in – thanks – but it does not seem to pull from the keywords. I can’t find any instructions or documentation – do you have any??

  9. hallo blogrepreneur, this my first visit :D. your plugin work, but can you make that plugin work not just one keyword? can you make this plugin work in every keywords post (base on keyword post title)? i look forward your reply.


    Joestatic owner

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