Feature Article #1

Introducing Embedded Youtube Plugin

This project was in the back burner. In January, I had decided that I would release one Plugin every month to the public for free. It has been long overdue, until now. This week, I had my programmer friend work on a Plugin idea, that I thought of 2 weeks back.

| February 28th, 2008 | Continued

Feature Article #2

A Simplified Guide to Niche Marketing

This article is an attempt to answer the question “How to setup a Niche marketing website?” I received from one of the Blogrepreneur readers through Yahoo IM. I am not going to explain what Niche marketing is. What I am going to do is give you a clearcut blueprint to start, establish and hopefully profit from your own niche marketing sites. By the way, the business of Niche Marketing is also called Virtual Real Estate.

| February 19th, 2008 | Continued

Feature Article #3

Sunday Blogbits – My Favorite Blogs

I have quite a few blogs subscribed to in my Google Reader account. I thought I should share some of them with you in this issue of Sunday Blogbits. They are all very informative and waste no time in gibberish. Make sure you subscribe to the blogs of your interest. There sure is a goldmine here.

| February 17th, 2008 | Continued

Feature Article #4

Sunday Blogbits – The Tumor Man

A weary Sunday for me. My son is ill and so is wife. She injured her back last week. The doctors have advised her to rest. I have been busy balancing between work and family.Pretty tough job.

Make sure you read to the last. I have something for you at the end. You shouldn’t miss it.

| February 10th, 2008 | Continued

Feature Article #5

Sunday Blogbits – Performance Report and more

Blogrepreneur has entered its 3rd month. January was a pretty slow month, mainly due to my busy schedule and the accident I met with, in the late second half of the month. Nevertheless, there were a couple of interesting developments worth taking note of.

| February 3rd, 2008 | Continued

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Other Recent Articles

Pepperjam Network Reaches Top 5 Status in 5 Short Months

About to launch a new product? Take some lessons from the Pepperjam Network. 5 months after launch, Marketing Sherpa has recognized Pepperjam as one of the top 5 affiliate networks. This is no easy task when you are competing in a world of long time networks like Commission Junction and Linkshare.

17.5% of marketers that participated in the Marketing Sherpa survey use Pepperjam. Commission Junction still dominates the affiliate network market with over 50% of marketers surveyed using their service. But with the tremendous growth of Pepperjam, it’ll be interesting to see how those stats look in another 18 months.

AFS Loans Online – Offer for Unsecured Personal Loans

A friend of mine recently recommended I checkout a company called Accommodative Financial Services or AFS for short. If you are interested in an unsecured business or personal loan, then look no futher than AFS. They offer a full line of unsecured business and personal loans and even have a 100% Approval Guarantee.

Personal loans range from $10,000 – $150,000 and rates can be as little as 6.99%. Interest rates are set based on a number of factors including your credit score.

Monetizing Your Blog with Clickbooth CPA Network

What are your most effective methods of monetizing your sites? Personally, I am a big fan of CPA ads. If you aren’t familiar with the acronym CPA it stands for Cost per Action. You get paid from CPA ads when a user completes the required action. The action can vary from something as simple to clicking a link, to submitting an email, or completing an application. In my experience, CPA ads pay better than other forms of advertising.

A friend recently recommended I checkout a CPA company called Clickbooth. I was a little reluctant at first. I already have a CPA company I am working with. Why should I take the time to check out another company? The answer is simple. It is all about the dollars!

The Politics Of Blogging

With plenty of recent uproar in the blogging world, it seems that there has been some kind of evolution going on. Everywhere we look there are more and more bloggers that don’t follow the old schools of blogging anymore. These men and women mean business and they don’t shut up about it either.In some instances business actually means directly attacking other bloggers for what they stand for and what they do. This has created a huge rift, both in the general make money blogging industry and in internet marketing terms. A-list bloggers such as John Chow, Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak and Shoemoney are but a few who got “attacked” by other bloggers who simply don’t share their views on how they do business online.

Social Networking Made Easy

I’m not sure how you feel about social networking sites popping up pretty much weekly these days, but it really drives me nuts. With all the hype that normally surrounds these launches, we cannot help but feel like we miss out if we don’t join right now.Do you ever get this feeling too?

I bet you do. I think we all do and you know what happens? We end up with a bunch of worthless social networking accounts that lie dormant forever.

We sign up, login, note down our login details (if at all) and promptly forget about them again. LOL, does this sound like you? If it does and you just nodded your head, don’t worry as help is at hand right now.

I have a great tip that can save you hours of wasted time.