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Last week and the beginning of this week, I had penned a couple posts on Search Engine Optimization rules according to Dan Thies. Dan stresses a lot on Google Pagerank and has developed his First, Second and Third Tier theory as well as advanced techniques like the Third Level Push and Circular Navigation for better Pagerank control within a site. I know it sounds like Rocket Science. Initially I felt the same too. Terminologies always confuse. In short Dan’s techniques helps you gain Pagerank on any page you want to and avoid the pages you do not want, while getting you better rankings in the Search Engines.

For many of us, basic Search Engine Optimization itself is a pain in the rear. The technicalities involved in the game can be very challenging and at times, sensitive. At a stage like that, to think of someone like Dan Thies and his SEO strategies can simply be overwhelming, if not scary.

I have some good news for you. You better believe it when I say Good news. But, before I proceed, as always, please read my Affiliate Review Policy. I do not review to make a quick buck, but to help you, my readers, make an informed decision.

The software I am reviewing today is WP SEO Sniper, an SEO Plugin that makes it easy, even for a newbie to perform SEO tasks on a WordPressWP SEO Sniper Review blog;or so says the author. The author, Dewald has studied Dan Thies Search Engine Optimization methodology and has expressed it in the form of the Plugin.

I had a lengthy conversation with Dewald regarding the Plugin. The important question of course “Why should I buy your Plugin?” According to Dewald, it has been a challenge to simplify and possibly automate Dan Thies SEO methodologies for WordPress. As he was a programmer, he decided to work on Dan’s methodology for WordPress. The result being WP SEO Sniper.

The following are the features of the Plugin at a glance:

  1. Add Title, Meta Description and Keywords on a sitewide level as well as individual posts and pages.

  2. Avoid Duplicate Content by applying the Noindex and Nofollow rules.

  3. Decide what pages to show up in WordPress Pages list.

  4. Apply Dan Thies 3 Tier rules for Pagerank control.

  5. Perform the Third Level Push theory as stated by Dan.

  6. Create 301 redirect pages

  7. Google Webmaster verification.

  8. Add Google Analytics Code.

  9. Build a custom Footer page menu with Nofollow option.

  10. Advanced Internal Linking.

  11. Cloak Affiliate Links

The Plugin in my opinion is a complete solution for WordPress On-page Optimization. I mean it. Dewald has covered everything. This one Plugin can replace:

  1. All in One SEO

  2. Robots Meta Tags

  3. Duplicate Content Cure

  4. Google Analytics Plugin

  5. 301 Permalink Redirect

  6. Affiliate Cloaker

  7. Nofollow

  8. Related Post

That is a good list of Plugins and WP SEO Sniper has all of it neatly organized in the WordPress Admin Panel. You do not have to edit any theme files, a big plus to many of us who dread programming.

Yes, WP SEO Sniper comes with a price. Some may consider it steep. Every business comes with a cost, an investment; and we all know how important an investment like SEO is. Fortunately Dewald provides unlimited personal licenses per purchase. One purchase and you can use it on all your blogs plus free upgrades, bug fixes etc. Dewald is pretty fast in his response time.

Try the Plugin today. Dewald covers you with a money back guarantee, but I don’t see a reason for it, unless you really have no idea what SEO is. Then you shouldn’t buy it.

If I find any shortcoming in the tool, I will definitely update you. So far, I haven’t seen anything except good. Did I sound like a salesman? Read my Affiliate Review policy again. Go Buy WP SEO Sniper.

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  1. Great review!

    I am currently not using a SEO plugin for WordPress, but I probably should. This WP SEO Sniper seems to rather expensive though. Do you believe that it’s worth it? Especially when you got all the other free SEO plugins that you can use instead.

  2. I am personally using it, and yes so far I believe it is worth the investment. I agree about the price and the free plugins, but partially, because some of the features in WP SEO Sniper, you won’t find in free plugins. At least I did not find. Talk about First, second and Third tiers from Dan Thies. So, it is worth it.

    Don’t buy yet. Let me see if I can get a price discount for Blogrepreneur readers.

  3. It would be great with a discount.

    How long have you been using it?

  4. I have been using it since 2 weeks. What makes me like the plugin is the control it gives in prioritizing which part of my blog should get attention and which one shouldn’t.

  5. Just a quick note, since I’ve been asked. I have no relationship with the developers of this tool, and I have not tested it myself. Based on what I’ve heard from others, it sounds like a nice replacement for a whole lot of plugins.

    Most blogs don’t have a big need for dynamic linking, because we tend to draw in a large number of links to every post. However, WordPress can also be used as a content management system, a fact which is often forgotten.

  6. Great Dan,

    I appreciate your input. Thanks a lot.

  7. Good work

  8. Well this post is pretty old, not sure how I came across it now, but I just wanted to say that the affiliate link leads to a 404 …

  9. @anna – SEO sniper has been discontinued.

  10. Wp seo sniper is the perfect seo plugins for
    wp and no one can challenge seo sniper,but w-seo-sniper has been discounted :(

  11. is it better than wpseo ?

  12. Seems I’m so late, as it has been discounted .. any alternative ?

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