Weekend Talk – An Update on WP SEO Sniper

I had contacted Dewald, the author of WP SEO Sniper few days back regarding a possible discount on his product. I received feedbacks saying that the software, even though good, is expensive. I had to agree partially, because not all can afford a high price tag, no matter how good the price is.

Nevertheless, Dewald got back to me 2 days back. He has a setup a coupon code system where you have to enter the code BLOGREPRENEUR or blogrepreneur and you will be entitled to a 20% discount. I guess this should encourage you to go ahead and buy the product.

Here is the link to buy WP SEO Sniper again. Just so you know, when you go through the discount route, I lose my affiliate commission. Dewald explained to me the complications involved while giving a discount and retaining affiliate commissions. I decided to skip the affiliate commission. I am more happy to get you the discount rather than the affiliate commission.

Don’t miss, the coupon code box is on the bottom of the sales page.

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