Sunday Blogbits – World’s Weirdest Homes

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Blogbits.

Nothing much has really happened around the Blogosphere in the past week. You know one of those impressive chain of events. Of course, I am referring to my own records. After all I cant keep track of 90 million blogs.

I had to mention this. has released his Cow theme to the public. It comes with a price tag and isn’t a regular free release. For some reason, John is under the impression that his blog has the coolest theme of all. I am not sure how fell into this misunderstanding. It could be a illusion John is having from the success his copycat blog has had. What cracked me up was when I read this:

We’ve seen how many a blogger has been trying to get a sexy wordpress theme like ours, spending hours online searching for a free version, only to find that nothing really came close”.

Sorry folks. I couldn’t help but crack.

Step down to reality John. I wouldn’t use a theme like yours even if Hyder (your designer) were to give it to me for free, or for that matter you. Am I jealous? LOL. But anyways, thanks for the joke. It definitely helped lighten the mood.

I received another email from my father-in-law few days back. It was about people’s desire for living differently. I was really amazed thinking how far people could go to live differently. I know my words are inadequate in expressing my amazement. Take a look at it yourself.


Looks like a Giant robot standing in water.


Words fail me.


Words fail me again.


How did they get the damn car in there?


I can feel my vocabulary dying.

A true to the word Tree House.


That was a Tree House. This is…?


This is as you guessed…A light House.


Haha, a Bridge House. Perfect names.


The home of the Jedi.


Oh, you can see real humans in this one. That’s a baby there. Hi Little One.


Well, thats it for this edition of Sunday Blogbits. See ya next Sunday.


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  1. Neat set of pictures.

  2. lol photoshop

  3. haha, you guessed it right.

  4. …I want to live in one of those houses…

  5. Half of those are photoshops.

    It amazes me how gullible people are.

  6. haha, I agree with you Kevin. I deliberately left out the word Photoshop. Let people be amazed a bit.

  7. The last picture is not photoshopped. It is one of the many palaces of the Imam, former ruler of Yemen.

  8. I would love to live in a home like that lol. Most do looked photoshopped though.


  9. The tree house is for real. It is a restaurant in Naha, on the island of Okinawa Japan. I ate there with my family. The food wasn’t the best, but the atmosphere speaks for itself.

  10. Are all these houses real?

  11. Scroll down on this website for my old neighbor’s house in DC. While intriguing, it is VERY out of place in this 1920s neighborhood. Then again, it would be out of place anywhere!

  12. oh my god those houses are weird but how can they live there its out of the world the style of the houses i think they are weird.

  13. The one in the iceberg is fake. That’s has to be Photoshop. Take a good look at it.

  14. The second picture is real too. It is in France in Britany. My brother doesn’t live too far.

  15. No Problem!

  16. I can tell that most of these are photoshop. I dont know how people can think its real.

  17. What was the point of showing pictures of real places and photoshopped placed together? This was useless. You are useless, whoever wrote this. Awful waste of time.

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