What niche do you settle on for your blog? – Part 6

You are at a point in your quest to become a blogger, where you have to decide, what thoughts to pen down about. This is very important to shape the future of your online publishing system. Literally everything is based on this decision of yours. If you had 90 days to become a successful blogger, I would advice you to work on this for 60 days and focus on the rest with the remaining 30.

You have to decide on a niche after a careful consideration. There are people who will choose a niche based on its popularity. There are others who base it on the top keywords and Search volumes in the engines. Another group will observe the current trends and settle for one. There are many ways in deciding on a niche market to write about. So, how are you going to do it?

Here is how I did it. I did not bother about the trend, or the Search Engine volumes, or popularity. What I did was simply take a notebook and wrote down my interests, my passion, my professional background and every other thought that would help me decide what niche to talk about.

Next, I wrote down my priorities such as money, popularity, providing education, value, etc. Fortunately the first thing I realized was money wasn’t my priority, even though it was a motivation. Who wouldn’t love to earn an extra $5000-$10000 every month from what they loved doing? But Of course.

I placed the list parallel to each other and actually walked away. The lists were lying in my table. Of course unlike the book says, I returned immediately to my list and I knew what to do. I knew, I had to be a value blogger. I knew, I had to provide something of educational benefit, something that would be fresh even a year from now or later. I knew, money wasn’t the priority here. The name was Blogrepreneur and it had to do with bloggers and blogging for income.

Well, you know the result. The birth of Blogrepreneur.com.

This is one of the ways to finding your niche and personally I have found to be the best. Why? Because, whatever niche you choose, you have to have enough interest in it to pursue it and write about it endlessly. There shouldn’t come a time when you think “Oh, why did I choose this topic?” It is harmful and will happen if you go behind keywords and Search volumes and popularity.

To sum it up, select a niche that you can write about freely and with original thoughts, where you have enough knowledge to create pillar articles and powerful link baits. You can go after the keywords and Search volumes after you have decided on it. This is the foundation of your success, and if the foundation is strong, rest of the construction will go well without worries.

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  1. the most important is, find your niche and blog it with your heart 😉

  2. I agree with catur pw. I have started several blogs only to close up shop a few months later. Why? Because they weren’t centered around my passions. I shaped up and found my niche and now I enjoy blogging again.


  3. Well, that is what I wrote above.

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