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I first came across this website when I was researching on Google for SEO services for my company. This was about 7 months back. We had planned to outsource the SEO related activities to a third party company. For certain keywords, I found Websquash to be on the front page of Google. That did gain my attention and I went ahead and contacted their Customer service.

There was no way we were letting them take over our website, mainly for the reason that they did not have any kind of portfolio on their site or past customer testimonials, of course with evidence so we could contact them for opinions.

I was running a personal blog at that I had setup to share my thoughts about Forex markets and trading general. I picked up their $99 SEO service. I have to apologize, I cant find that page anymore in their site, but the package involved a basic analysis and optimization, Submission to few thousand Search Engines, 2 animated banners, keyword analysis and creation of 50 keyword optimized pages to be added to my blog for Search engines to crawl. In other words, SPAM. Anyways, I let them take the lead and signed up for the service.

About 72 hours, I started getting a flood of emails to my assigned Yahoo account. Websquash had started their Search Engine submission process. When I took a closer look at them, I was shocked. 5 or 6 emails from legitimate companies and the rest of the flood was confirmation mails from Free For All (FFA) pages. This is what they were referring to as 1000s of Search Engines.

They were supposed to complete the work in about 3-7 days, but after 2 weeks there was nothing except the Search Engine email flood. I never received any report of the work done. When I contacted them, they actually asked me for my details and had to look up in their database for my purchase. Then one of their support executive got in touch, asked for the FTP and WordPress admin details and assured me the work would be done in 3-5 days.

Another week passed and nothing happened. I contacted them again and guess what, I had to provide my admin details for the second time. I was disheartened, but kept my cool and provided the details. He said he will get back to me after sometime, which he did and apologized for the delay and assured me the work would be done.

After a few days, I contacted them for the report of my blog’s work and they had forgotten about it. They said they had done the work and I would receive my report. I did not. I couldn’t handle them anymore and went ahead and asked for a refund. They initially did not honor it saying that they could not offer refund after the work was done. I asked for the report and they did not have it. After a few exchanges, they issued a refund of $90.

It was clear from the HTML meta codes in my blog that they had not done any SEO work at all. All they had done is got my blog connected to a massive SPAM network, to get out of which was impossible. They had never created the 50 keyword optimized pages, the animated banners or the keyword analysis report which was a part of the package I had signed up for.

To conclude, I am not going to call them scammers, for they did honor a refund even though it wasn’t a full refund. What I realized was that these guys were Black Hat SEO Professionals who didn’t care how they got your Site/Blog to the attention of major Search Engines. All they cared was that they got it. All I can say is Beware. Do your homework well before you commit to any company.

Oh, by the way, our companies SEO related activities are taken care by a New York based company.

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  1. Surprising, I got my site optimized by websquash guys and my site is rolling with traffic. The traffic have jumped to almost 5 times what I was receiving. Another seo company reviewed my site and checked the optimization done by websquash and they were of the opinion that they are genious. They did not find any unethical techiques on my website. Its been 7 months that my site is optimized by websquash and I am still getting the search engine keyword traffic. Seems you had an bad experience but i had the best one after spending extremely low amount for their optimization plan. They offer the cheapest rate as per my knowledge and survey and I would give them A++ for their work, I have made tons of sale in the past 7 months. Thanks to websquash.

    Different people have different experiences, Surprising, but mine was the best :)

    Take Care

  2. Sounds good Sheron. I am not sure if I should call you lucky. But anyways, I am glad you benefited from them.

  3. Nice Post

  4. Sharon,

    I just read your comment on Websquash and admit I am feeling kind of relieved. (esp after the previous post)
    In fact, I have just ordered their website submission service to search engines & web directories.
    I felt safe after reading through their site, on the top right corner they even display a sample list of the many hundreds of SE and directories the submit to, even sorted by page rank.
    I am considering to use their optimization service too, which is extremely low priced.
    Yet, the other post has made me a bit insecure.
    Are you absolutely sure they are decent?
    My site – – is still comparatively fresh and I definitely do not want to get into trouble with Google etc.
    Is there anything else you can tell me?

    Thanks very much.

    Kind regards,

  5. Good luck Christina. I suggest you wait until they deliver the first order to you.

  6. Hi Althaf,

    I just wanted to let you know I have received the detailed submission report by Websquash about an hour ago.

    Everything’s fine.

    Kind regards,

  7. Thanks for the update Christina, I appreciate it.

  8. Hey Christina, Did you ever go with Websquash? I am also thinking about it but am also skeptical.

  9. They seem to have very good review.

  10. I personally have been very happy with websquash technologies, they have been the best so far. love their support and their approach, they are inexpensive and result oriented. No complains, they have been the best to me.

  11. Hi,
    Thanks for that I have been bombarded with emails from these guys, I was almost tempted to sign up but after reading this, no way.
    Good article thanks

  12. I am wondering which one of you is an employee of Websquash. About half an hour, I was about to enter my credit card number to place an order for the discounted rates. But now I will research more on it and will try to find anyone in my circle who has used this company. After all, I don’t want my brand new website blacklisted in Google.

    Griffin Hoover

  13. I had the worst experience with websquash- which is how I came across this page- I wanted to know if anyone had gone through what I had gone through. I am planning to report them to the better business bureau and my credit card for not providing the services I paid for- it’s been over three weeks and dozens of emails later and I still don’t have the services I paid. I will never do business with them again!! Shame on you Websquash.

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