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In this week’s edition of review Thursday, I bring you Web2Submitter, a software that supposedly reduces your Web 2.0 promotion time by many many hours a week. It is basically a Syndicating tool; in other words, a social bookmarker.

I have owned this software for the past 6 months. Before we go ahead, please take a moment to read my Affiliate Review policy. Let’s move forward.

Web2Submitter allows you to submit to about 9 different Social sites from various niches plus, a one click social submission site. The owners Brandon and Jack claim that this tool saves several hours in a week by reducing the time taken for submission. Everything basically is done from a single interface. All you have to do is click the button once to login and click again to fill in the info and click a third time to submit. As easy as 1,2,3.

While I agree with the 1,2,3 theory, I do not really believe it saves minimum 7 hours every week. Why? Because, I have done both manual and semi-auto submission and it took me just an extra 10 minutes to while submitting manually. I keep a notepad handy and then it is just a matter of copy and paste for each site.

So, Lesson # 1 – They are lying. Sounds rude?

Next, you have this guy called Sam Beatson who claims this software saves him 5 hours everyday. I am not sure if this guy is smart or stupid. What in the world is taking him 5 hours a day for? I have submitted multiple articles in a day and it has never taken more than an hour for me at the most. This guy Sam, as well as the other testimonies, are giving the false impression that it is Web2submitter that is getting them all the “Traffic Overload”.

It is not true. This software only reduces your submission time by a few minutes. You can get the exact same “Traffic Overload” without this software. Period.

So, Lesson # 2 – They are lying. Sounds rude again?

The only useful part of this deal is the Buzz group. It is a private membership based group where you can send your post every week, and if they like your content, they will vote for you, thus helping you get better exposure. I still use them and will continue to. Is this worth $47? I don’t know, but since I bought the deal, I am a part of them.

They have another bonus for you. Oh actually, a “promotion in disguise” bonus. They give you a free 1 week test drive of “Authority Site Center” so that you can tour the product and buy if you are convinced. I wasn’t convinced, so I signed out. This really isn’t a bonus but a stupid marketing gimmick.

Am I using this software now? No. I am not. I have all my social sites in my toolbar and I do the same one click submissions without the software. Moreover, nowadays, I only submit to Sphinn, Shoutwire and StumbleUpon. Takes me less than 10 minutes, unlike Sam Beatson’s “5 sweaty hours”. Sam Beatson, you indeed beat me!

After all the explanation above, if you still plan to buy it and try it, by all means go ahead. It costs $47 only. Click one of the links in this article to visit their page and buy Web2Submitter. Now you are wondering why the affiliate link eh? Go ahead and read my affiliate policy once again.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more just use only wire… and socialmarker if you want some other things.

  2. Yeah Matt, Social Marker is a good site too.

  3. Geez Al,

    The only way i even found this post was thru The Authority Site Center’s buzz group, and here you are tearing them down. How ironic. I got your email along with the others and am excited about getting ramped up in this community. Why would you tear down the very service that is bringing you hits?

    unsubscribed to your ‘stupid marketing gimick’


    and all for a measely 47 dollars?

  4. Dave,

    1. The topic was about Web2Submitter, not about Buzz group. I stopped using it 2 months back due to the reasons mentioned above.

    2. I use the Buzz group and I mentioned it in the post and I said it is the only useful feature I found. I mentioned that too.

    3. Do not tell me the “only way I found this through Buzz group” story. Not valid. It only means you are not net savvy.

    4. Why did I say “Is it worth $47? I do not know” because the buzz group cannot be wrapped with a price tag. It could be worth more than $47 for some of us and less than to some of us.

    I am aware of your critical nature Dave. I appreciate it. Just do not let that very nature blind you. Be critical intelligently.


  5. Thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    I’ll point out that the buzz group is a yahoo group. As far as I can tell, you don’t need to own W2S to joing the group. I could be wrong, I’ve never tried.

  6. Interesting find Dave. I wasn’t aware of that.

  7. I agree with you.

    I bought web2submitter a while ago, because it looked like a very useful tool to have. But that’s because I had never been submitting my stories to several web 2.0 sites, it would be great to save some time doing it and I might even find some new web 2.0 sites.

    But, it didn’t save me time at all. And I received several error messages in the beginning.

    A couple of weeks later, I just stopped using it and I am not missing out. The buzz group is great though, if you have a great post, this group will help you for sure.

  8. I have nothing to say, but that I agree with you. My post clearly reflects your thoughts or vice versa.

  9. YEah, onlywire is very useful. Thanks again for the review man. Ever since a read the micronichefinder review, I think I will be referring this blog for my future products to acquire.

  10. Thank you very much for the review. You saved my $47. I was about to buy as someone was recommending this software as good. Agree with you, Onlywire and SocialMarker provide great service. More over SocialPoster is also good. Have you tried SocialBot? I heard good review about that product.

  11. Thanks for the review. I had my suspicions when I watched a YouTube demo because the submission process didn’t seem so fast in spite of the claims.

  12. Thanks for this honest review. When I watched the video, I almost bought the software. Glad I didn’t.

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