Web Analytics: An inevitable element of your business

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Web Analytics is a methodical analysis of the web visitors and a number based study of their behavior in respect to a particular website. From the business point of view, web analytics refers to using data that is collected from a particular website to find out, what on the website works towards achieving the monetary objective of the web business.

Why is Web Analytics needed?

Web analysis allows one to understand the key aspects of the website and their functioning in a better manner. It is important that as a Netrepreneur, you understand whether the website that has been designed for business, is achieving the objectives of the business.

There are several methods that are used in web analytics, thus, after a certain data regarding any website is collected, the data is statistically analyzed. The statistical data thus obtained helps online entrepreneurs determine, the behavior of the traffic that visits the website. The data is typically used for comparison with some of the key indicators of performance. This data also allows you to improvise on your website or the marketing strategies that you have been using by mere observation.

Web Analytics – a boon to businesses

Web analytics can help in a great way to improve your business. Marketing and advertising are one of the primary ways to attract traffic to your website. However, all the efforts that you put into marketing and advertising will go in vain if the individuals visiting your site do not add to the profits that you wish to make through your website.

In other words, you would have to deal with a stream of zombies that do not make a difference to your pockets. In fact, even if the website were to generate enough revenue; one does not really consider the additional amount of revenue the website could make just by observing certain key patterns and utilizing them to their favor. This is where web analytics comes into the picture. Web analytics could help you realize where there is a scope for improvement on your website by collecting data about the behavior of the individual that visits your website. You could improve on various aspects of your site, for instance choosing the right kind of landing page for your website.

Web Analytics also helps reduce cost

Once you have realized what it is on your website that draws the attention of the traffic in general, you could use this knowledge to tweak your advertising campaigns accordingly. Doing this will largely benefit you in terms of the cost of advertising; by being more specific in your ad campaign. Apart from this, Web Analytics also helps you analyze the client movement on your site. By using the data thus provided, you could eliminate the campaigns that are not profitable and thus save in costs. Besides this, you could also use the traffic data to optimize the marketing campaigns that have been comparatively better and more profitable. This would mean that you as a Netrepreneur could do away with campaigns that are bad and make use of only the good campaigns.

Methods used in Web Analytics

There are several methods used for Web Analytics that could help you determine and identify the source of the visitors and the potential customers. Two of the most popular methods used for the purpose of Web Analytics include log file analysis and the page tagging method.

Web Server Logfile Analysis

Logfiles were always used to record data of all the web server transactions. However, logfiles were not used for the purpose of web analytics until it was realized that they could be read by a particular program and thus provide data on website popularity.

Logfiles are usually already available and they record the transactions that any web server makes. After which the data gets stored on the company’s web server. This data can then be analyzed. Logfiles also contains information about visits from search engine spiders. Logfiles also contain information on requests that were not completed, or failed requests.

Page tagging

Page Tagging is more accurate as compared to Log file analysis. Java Script is used in this method and thus, you might have to alter the code of your website if you wish to make use of this method for the purpose of Web analytics. In this method, the program associates visitors with cookies and allows you to access information like the amount of purchases that the client might have made or even the size of the clients screen.

Web Analytics software Programs

There are several softwares that are available for Web Analytics. These can also be bought online. The Web Analytics softwares include programs by Google Analytics and several others like pMetrics and Mint.

These softwares are powerful. You could use the information they provide to make powerful changes in your promotional campaigns. For instance, one of the information these softwares provide is visitor tracking based on geography. If you learn that a certain population tends to visit your website more you could design your campaign to target that particular population and reduce other areas, thereby spending your ad dollars wisely.

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