Top 5 Marketing Strategies for the Year 2008

I have been suffering from a bad toothache since 2 days. I finally got through the waiting list at my dentist with an appointment in 2 hours. Today’s post is pretty short, but I promise I will elaborate it later.

The Top 5 Marketing Strategies in 2008 for a long term business will be:

  1. Profile Marketing: Participation in Niche Communities and establishment of a powerful profile.

  2. Influential Marketing: Contribution of Authority content to niche communities to build influence and a strong following

  3. Linkbait Marketing: Creating irresistible knowledge content to pull backlinks from high profile sources.

  4. Facebook Marketing: This trend is slowly gaining and people are waking up to the possibilities of Facebook for their businesses.

  5. Social Media Marketing: This encompasses everything above and more.

I will elaborate on these later one by one. Let me get ready for my dental appointment.

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  2. I will definitely take a look at it.

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