This is why I hate Internet Marketers Liars

I have been in the field of Internet for a long time. I had to quit it finally because of all the deception and lies floating around. In this article I explore one of the reasons why I hate the Internet Marketing Liars.

Let me start with an ad of the product:


This is not why I really hate them. Of course, this is deception and I hate deception, but wait till I show you the meaty content. The sales letter goes on and on and comes to a point where it compares itself with other products in the market.


One of the products you see is Google Cash Detective, a program run by another Internet Marketing Liar, Chris Carpenter, albeit a successful one. They managed to sell 1000 copies in the first week and 2000 copies in the first month and plan to re-open soon. First hand information.

Anyways, Brad does a comparison above showing how his product is superior and others inferior, including Chris Carpenter’s.

Alright, I scroll further and guess what I see:


The fearless Chris Carpenter. He is actually endorsing his competition’s product. Why? For a small 554×52 pixel sized free ad space. It seems he found 1042 affiliates for his client and 109 of them have already promoted his client’s ebook.

This endorsement was on the sales page the day the product was released!

How sick can these guys get? This is why I quit the Internet Marketing Liar’s club. Pathetic.

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  1. You find there are several types of people and/or “capitalists” – those that care so much about providing value that it bothers their conscious that someone does not get value from their product/service/invention.

    And then there are those who could care less that they are providing actual value back [except to hype it to lure others] and even are fine that they are extracting value – taking from those most vulnerable to having it taken – and amazingly look in the mirror and think they are a good person.

    I would say most of the world’s problems are caused by the later.

  2. Could you have a look at this web site, it appears that there is no product and that all there is to offer is money for names.

    What comments do you have on this.

  3. Hello Brent.

    Thanks for your response on my vist to your blogg, I am a marketing proffesional who has successfuly utilised his skills for many years in the flat world market and am past retirement age but do not want to disengage. I have therefore done much research on internet marketing and decided that web 2.0 though it is used as a communications platform it is actually the market place of the future.

    I really do not want to waste time with companies that are primarily using affiliate marketing to get you in as a captive customer despite findingt this to be the easiest entry point, especially for someone who lacks the neccesary skills to set up web sites, SEO, Affiliate Organising and Management and the myriad of other requirements to have a fully manageble “Set it and Forget it” operation.

    I have just attended a two day seminar the introduction of which was we will tell you how to do it FREE, there were twelve speakers and each dealt with different topics and had an conference only offer for the delegates, at an average of US$2000 it would have cost US$24,000 just to add to the confusion and expense of setting up.

    What do you reccommend?

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