Sunday Blogbits – The Power of Focus

I took this weekend off for some introspection. My wife had gone to her friend’s place with the kids and so I decided it was time to look within andPower of Focus explore. Often, in the pursuit of wealth and abundance, we forget the fundamental necessities of our lives.

In my exercise, the one positive characteristics I noticed, I developed was the power to focus. My introspection contained the questions “What is it that keeps me going?, How have I tackled life after the breakdown of my health?”, etc and I realized I had developed a powerful feature inside me. The Power to Focus.

Take a look at yourself. You have been online for a few weeks, few months or a few years, in the hope of making a living online. You have either barely made it or miserably failed. Take no offense, because I mean it in a good way. The fact that you read my blog proves that you are looking for that hidden gem. Why do you think you haven’t cracked the magic moment?

Lack of Focus. This is one reason why you aren’t where you planned to be when you set out your journey. Among the ingredients you collected, you forgot about Focus. This is what most of us do. This is what I did too. I literally wasted about 3 years jumping from one opportunity from another. It taught me valuable lessons but my pockets were always empty.

If you are just starting online and if you are reading this, then work on your weak areas as well as your strong areas, and if focus is your weakness, then work on it. Add re-enforcement. This one quality will propel your online career by leaps and bounds.

My health honestly does not permit me to go on. I hope you have understood my point. Do your research, pick a niche and stick to it. Success and wealth will follow.

Oh, by the way, what has been your experiences lately? I would love to hear about them.

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