The Politics Of Blogging

With plenty of recent uproar in the blogging world, it seems that there has been some kind of evolution going on. Everywhere we look there are more and more bloggers that don’t follow the old schools of blogging anymore. These men and women mean business and they don’t shut up about it either.In some instances business actually means directly attacking other bloggers for what they stand for and what they do. This has created a huge rift, both in the general make money blogging industry and in internet marketing terms. A-list bloggers such as John Chow, Darren Rowse, Yaro Starak and Shoemoney are but a few who got “attacked” by other bloggers who simply don’t share their views on how they do business online.

The bloggers taking side with the “guerrilla bloggers” believe that it was high time somebody came online pointing fingers at those who have taken advantage at Internet and blogging newbies for some time now. Those who side with the so called A-listers in the industry call these guys a bunch of losers.

My question to you is, what do you believe in? Do you feel that the truth has to be spoken and if yes, on what grounds. Or do you feel this revolution is all just hot air and no substance?

Either way, most likely we are passionate about our beliefs and defend them, regardless of what’s to come. But here is the twist. What if the other party had some of their points correct? What if the lines were actually a lot more blurred than direct?

You see, sometimes regardless of what we believe in we have to stop and take a closer look at what our opposition says. Most of us don’t like to admit that we were wrong and the longer we try to drive a certain point home for the sake of defending our beliefs, the more we might fall into a trap that leads us further and further from the actual truth.

As it happens, in life not everything is black and white. So why should it be in the online world?

It seems to me we have forgotten to respect each other, regardless of our beliefs. This is strongly reflected in the ways we interact with each other cross culturally and also on different spectrums of online marketing.

I wonder how far we will take this and what will come out of it. The reason I’m writing this post is not to make any accusations against anybody, but merely trying to evoke a discussion on our different views.

Perhaps this will give a more detailed insight into why we act like we do and will allow us to learn a little bit more about our actual opposition, whoever they may be. In the end it all comes down to respecting each other, regardless of the views we have? Perhaps this is in some ways a rather realistic view/idea of how life should be and is hardly reflected in the world these days.

What do you do when you find yourself in the middle of a blogging war of politics?

  • Are you merely an amused bystander, watching the action unfold?
  • Are you taking sides, stating and defending your views, regardless of the outcome?
  • Or do you choose to ignore the whole spectacle for the sake of your peace of mind?

I’d love to get your feedback on this to gain further insight into this phenomena.

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  1. I can feel the fire in your post. I agree with names like John Chow and Shoemoney. Pretty useless blogs. But Yaro Starak is good and so is Darren Rowse.

    I agree with your points in general. Well said.

  2. Well yeah i agree with you Chris…it was a time when blogging was in its initial stages that these people(Chow and Jeremy) made a way in the cyberspace almost hitting a large crowd of readers….But these days these blogs have no real worth since they don’t promise quality content…Well for how long can people hear to what Chow eats and dumps and for Jeremy’s Cheques?…these people have been so personal to share about..Also with the raise of Chow’s blog there saw the birth of Cow’s and not john Chow’s…whatever i agree that both Chow and Jeremy have been a great internet marketers and i respect their marketing field, but when it comes to blogging both suck!!It’s all a nick of time before they fade away…


  3. What I have noticed is that some bloggers do what I call ‘drive bys’. They leave a derogatory comment and take off as if you can’t do the same to them. Usually this behavior was only from spammers, but new school bloggers need to realize that what comes around goes around.

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