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Do you pay for your Analytics package?

I used to pay for a secondary statistical package apart from Google Analytics. The main reason being that Google Analytics isn’t a real time Web Analytics tool. It was pretty depressing to check my blog statistics once a day. Then it all changed.

Shoutwire – Have you paid attention to this little gem?

Visit any popular Social Media site or blog and there definitely will be a post about Digg and the “Digg Effect”. If not, you will come across a post about StumbleUpon and how great it is. By all means, I respect and agree with these thoughts. A front page exposure on Digg can get you […]

I have released my book finally

Yes, my programmer fixed the download area today. You can see it in the sidebar, below the book cover. Go ahead and download a copy right now. I promise, the contents won’t disappoint you. I am not a con man, and so the book contains no promotional links or any kind of “behind the door” […]