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Social Networking Made Easy

I’m not sure how you feel about social networking sites popping up pretty much weekly these days, but it really drives me nuts. With all the hype that normally surrounds these launches, we cannot help but feel like we miss out if we don’t join right now.Do you ever get this feeling too? I bet […]

The Politics of Guest Blogging

This week I am not posting the usual Review Thursday column. Since I haven’t written any good posts, I decided to compensate for it today. I am yet to recover completely and so, not really in the best of my writing moods. Nevertheless, lets see what I come up with. Guest Blogging. We all know […]

Shoutwire – Have you paid attention to this little gem?

Visit any popular Social Media site or blog and there definitely will be a post about Digg and the “Digg Effect”. If not, you will come across a post about StumbleUpon and how great it is. By all means, I respect and agree with these thoughts. A front page exposure on Digg can get you […]

Sunday Blogbits – Banned from

The beginning of December. We are entering the Holiday season. This is the month where money changes hands rapidly and in huge amounts. Last year, at this time I was busy trading the Forex market, collecting my change. It was a very tough month. We had excepted a calm market, but it had turned out […]

Guest Article – Thumbs Down On Social Marketing?

The mere thought of getting the boot from the ever growing social networking communities, such as Digg, Propellar, Newsvine etc., humbles even the most fearless online marketer today. To be judged unworthy a member and to be expelled from their circles of influence to countless masses adds to the nightmare. Because it is within these […]