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Sunday Blogbits – The Tumor Man

A weary Sunday for me. My son is ill and so is wife. She injured her back last week. The doctors have advised her to rest. I have been busy balancing between work and family.Pretty tough job. Make sure you read to the last. I have something for you at the end. You shouldn’t miss […]

Weekend Talk – Google Adsense and 3rd Party Ads

It was a dilemma I faced when I was setting up the Micro Niche experiment blog last week. I wanted to place ads from Bidvertiser with Google Ads, to give better options to the visitor and, in a way enhance their experience. Bidvertiser was clear; We have no problems having our ads run side by […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing re-visited

This is a post I was supposed to have written on Sunday. I am feeling somewhat better today and decided to pen down some thoughts here. A pretty slow week for me, after the accident I met with. I haven’t really monitored anything in the Blogosphere. To top it, my wife’s aunt expired today due […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Case Study Part 2

Another exciting edition of Sunday Blogbits. The Micro Niche Marketing Case Study is going pretty well. I will give you the update in a moment. Before that let us a take a look at the week in the Blogosphere. There always is something interesting going on, be it an event or a rant.