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Google Supplemental Index Re-visited

When Google announced to merge its indices in December 2007 a deep sigh of relieve filled cyberspace. And webmasters near and far, watched their web pages once again resurfacing from the crevices of hell, known also as the supplemental index. Introduced in 2003, the purpose of the supplemental index was to lighten the load on […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Case Study Part 1

Another Sunday; Another edition. Welcome, as always. Today’s edition is going to be pretty interesting, as I am launching Google SEO Case Study. I have been working on ground rules since Friday. I am a great believer of Blueprints and detailed planning. I am going to share the minute details here so you can follow […]

How the Pros do it: Getting your blog indexed in Google

Yes, there is a way the pros do it. Thats what keeps them on top. These are smashing tips because they have got my blogs indexed in less than 2 hours multiple times in the past. The difference – I am not a pro. Before I proceed, I assume your blog has at least a […]

Google fixed the PageRank error yesterday

In the past 4 days, Google PageRanks for many blogs/sites were lowered and some of them were even unranked. Sites such as, where one can verify the site PageRanks directly from Google’s servers were giving out weird results. This led to a conclusion in the webmasters world that Google was running another update and […]