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Sunday Blogbits – An Update to ABC of Google Analytics

It has been a quite week for me, due to my bad health. In addition, my wife has also been sick all week. She has contracted heavy chest infection. This week has been another of those “Reflection periods” for me. I really enjoy those as the learning in them is immense. Recently, Google made certain […]

I have released my book finally

Yes, my programmer fixed the download area today. You can see it in the sidebar, below the book cover. Go ahead and download a copy right now. I promise, the contents won’t disappoint you. I am not a con man, and so the book contains no promotional links or any kind of “behind the door” […]

An update on my Book

My programmer is busy and so I have to postpone the release to next 48 hours. I need to get the sidebar coded to enable members to download the book after an email opt-in process. So, in short, I apologize for the wait and not being on schedule. I will do my best to get […]

Sunday Blogbits – Banned from

The beginning of December. We are entering the Holiday season. This is the month where money changes hands rapidly and in huge amounts. Last year, at this time I was busy trading the Forex market, collecting my change. It was a very tough month. We had excepted a calm market, but it had turned out […]