Sunday Blogbits

Time flies pretty fast eh? It’s already a Sunday, the beginning of a new week. The morning is very cool here and I am getting ready with my family for a nice picnic to the Local Park. It is actually a very famous park. We had planned this 2 days back.

My friend Jai at has posted an interesting poll on Top bloggers in the Blogosphere. It would be worth knowing who makes it to the top. Shout your opinions here :

On another note, the contest has received very good exposure. Lots of people have signed up. Some of them have signed up through the RSS reader. I will not be able to link you to the contest because there is no way I can identify you. Kindly subscribe through email so you can be included in the random draw.

I will soon be releasing a modified version of a very popular banner ad plugin. I will keep the details low at the moment. Expect it to be released in the next 3-4 days.

My ebook has almost reached the end. Once I finish with the conclusion, I will be sending it for proofreading. I am hoping to release the ebook to the public by the end of this week. Remember, it comes with zero cost to you and absolutely no strings attached. That said, it is a book you can’t afford to miss if you truly want grow your online business. Stay tuned as I will announce the name in the next couple days.

Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, I take your leave. Let me enjoy the outing a bit.

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