Sunday Blogbits

I am back to my normal schedule. The trip was a bit tiring and so I took a break a complete break on Saturday. Nevertheless, I am back in action. I have a couple interesting observations to share from my RSS feeds. I subscribe to a dozen blogs with various different topics of interest. Some of you may have read this elsewhere, but there will be some who have not.

Ok, so from one of the blog feeds, I came to know that a blog called Cashquests was sold for $15,000. The worst part is, after the transition, these guys literally change the original feel of the blog and even go to the extent of slapping Google Ads in the blog. We all know how much is Google adsense worth. Of course, there are super players. I am not referring to them. Surprisingly, the blog was bought by a large company that already has nearly partnership with over 100 blogs and nearly four dozen writers of it’s own. I don’t really see the logic in the above.

The infamous John Chow has been shot by Entrepreneur. Not killed. Shot by them for their February 2008 edition. I have to admit John has entered the realms of celebrities. Entrepreneur magazine, I believe has over 2.4 million readers and is a magazine circulated worldwide. As of recent, I tried subscribing to them twice but failed due to some restriction on my credit card. Good Luck John.

I have been working on a WordPress plugin. I am not going to reveal the ideology behind it, but I guarantee you will thank me for it. Let’s hope, it will take you to the next level of entrepreneurship with your blog.

My posting schedule starting this week will be as follows:

Sunday: Blogbits

Tuesday: Pillar Article

Thursday: Product Review

Saturday: Resource/event

I have had to adjust my schedule mainly because of certain new responsibilities at the job. As of Monday, I will have a new team to work with, in addition to the existing load. So, expect the above schedule from this week onwards. I may once in a while post on days other than the above.

Well Well, so much for a winter Sunday evening.

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