Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Update

It has been couple weeks now that I haven’t posted an update on the Micro Niche Marketing Project. To refresh, I am building a niche blog on Acne Cure at AcneCure. The reason why I did not update is because there literally was nothing happening. The progress had completely stalled after I moved to the new domain.

Google has been indexing the blog regularly and almost all articles are currently included in Google’s database. I am updating the blog once every 5 days. The major update I have is that 2 of the main keywords have appeared in Google’s search results. One of the keywords is on the front page while the other is on page 4. Both the keywords have good search volume every month.

The links are also finally showing up in Yahoo and other databases. As of now, the Search Engines have indexed about 130 backlinks. In total, I have built about 600 backlinks spreading over 6-8 keywords. In my opinion, the results are slowly beginning to show. In the coming few weeks, we should see some major progress in terms of keyword positioning and search engine traffic . The project, let’s say is entering the critical mass mode.

Stay Tuned while I bring you more in the next few weeks!

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