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The beginning of December. We are entering the Holiday season. This is the month where money changes hands rapidly and in huge amounts. Last year, at this time I was busy trading the Forex market, collecting my change. It was a very tough month. We had excepted a calm market, but it had turned out very volatile.

Last night, I submitted Dee Wilson’s article on Social Marketing in Digg. The article was submitted by a popular Digg member by the name Suprnova. I am not sure if he spread the link with his network, but it got 74 diggs in 14 hours. Result? The article was scraped off the Hot List just when it was about to hit the front page and now, 6 hours later, my account has been banned from I really wonder why. Digg sucks.

Jai from has released a 5 page report on effective SEO techniques for WordPress blog. I have gone through it, and I have to say, for beginners, it is very good. Go ahead and download the report. It is free.

Oh, by the way, I am releasing my book tomorrow. For those of you who came late, the name is “ABC of Google Analytics”. Make sure you subscribe to my RSS to stay updated.

Have a great Sunday!

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  1. Don’t worry about it, all the best blogs are banned from dig!. Blogging Fingers is 😉

  2. LOL yeah, I agree.

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