Social Media Trend – Genesis and Evolution Part 1

Today is the 1st day of 2008 and I thought of beginning the year with a post looking back at the genesis and evolution of Social Media and Marketing. I am going to utilize Google Trends to provide a visual understanding of the topic in question. This post doesn’t really contain my thoughts, but primarily information based on Google’s Search database.

When I did a Search for Social Media, Google gave me access to data back as far as 2004. Here is the first graph that shows a combined 4 years of growth.

Google Trends for Social Media 2007

You can notice that the Search trend has been constant in the 3 years except 2 times when it tanked unusually. This graph doesn’t really speak much as it is comprehensive. More on that later. Let me display the yearly graphs for a detailed look.

Year 2004

Google Trends for Social Media 2004

Notice the period between April and September. It was literally flat, meaning the Search Volume was the lowest for Social Media at that time. Then you see a sudden spurt in the volume in October and later months. Notice the falling graph at the end.

Year 2005

Google Trends for Social Media 2005

This year was similar but the time period the Search volumes tanked were relatively short. For most of 2005, the Search volumes were pretty good. Noticed the fall at the end of the graph.

Year 2006

Google Trends for Social Media 2006

Again, the trend this year was better than the previous year. There was a mild reduction in the middle of the year, but it picked up pretty fast. Notice again, the fall in the graph at the end.

Year 2007

Google Trends for Social Media 2007

The year 2007, in my opinion was very good for Social Media. The growth in Search Volume was pretty steady and organized. You can see the rise in the beginning and how it remained constant till July and then moved up again. It only explains the fact that people are getting educated more and more on the virtual culture and recognizing the power of online communities. A healthy trend indeed.

Here is a list of the top 10 countries, cities and languages that were the source of the Search Volume.

Google Trends for Social Media 2007

The reason why every graph showed a fall in the Search Volumes at the end is simply because of the beginning of the Holiday season. People’s attention diverted to priorities like Holiday shopping and preparing for the new year. The graphs below clearly explains what I am talking about.

Shopping Trend for 2007

Christmas Shopping

Christmas Shopping Trend for 2007

Look towards the end of the graphs. The Search volume pretty much skyrocketed compared to the rest of the year. Christmas and New year were clearly the winners at this time. A sure sign for us online entrepreneurs.

Back to the topic. Social Media online has definitely grown and gained wide recognition. I am not sure if we are nearing another bubble burst, but I can tell you the trend will surely continue for a long time before it crumbles.

Next week, I will try and cover Social Marketing trend for the past 4 years.

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