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I’m not sure how you feel about social networking sites popping up pretty much weekly these days, but it really drives me nuts. With all the hype that normally surrounds these launches, we cannot help but feel like we miss out if we don’t join right now.Do you ever get this feeling too?

I bet you do. I think we all do and you know what happens? We end up with a bunch of worthless social networking accounts that lie dormant forever.

We sign up, login, note down our login details (if at all) and promptly forget about them again. LOL, does this sound like you? If it does and you just nodded your head, don’t worry as help is at hand right now.

I have a great tip that can save you hours of wasted time.

That tip is… drumroll please….

Stop wasting your time with every new social networking site that graces our email inbox! I’m dead serious here guys. You want to start learning to focus on two to three social networking sites max and become good at using them.

This will have two major effects:

  1. You will become a well known user within your network and make way more useful connections and…
  2. You stop wasting your valuable time doing bits and pieces here and there.

Trust me on this one. Since I have implemented this strategy, my days have gained a couple of hours which I now use to network with people instead of chasing my tail going in circles.

It doesn’t matter which social network you use either. It certainly does help, if this network is within your field of marketing. For example, if you are a Stumble Upon user, you probably like a good mixture of useful tips, tutorials, photography, fun and some blogging.

If you are a Digg user you are probably more into news, politics, gossip, gaming and some marketing.

If you are a Mixx user you are clearly into Internet marketing, tech, news, health and more.

If you are a MyBlogLog user, then blogging in all its variations is your thing.

Naturally there are way more social networking sites out there and if you are not sure, just do a Google search for them. In the end, it helps to join those sites that will help you to network with like minded people in your field of business.

This will not only make social networking a whole lot easier than trying to follow each latest trend, but also make you a lot of new friends and business contacts.

Let me know how you network.

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  1. Hi Brent. I found you through Monika.

    This is truly excellent advice. You’re simply spreading yourself too thinly if you try to join everything going.

    I stick to StumbleUpon right now, as it’s all that time will allow and I enjoy it. I have tried Twitter, but didn’t really get into it yet.

  2. Hi Cath,

    That Monika is a sweetheart. I enjoy reading her blog more than most. She is so honest and unscripted. Her style is very refreshing.

    I just signed up for StumbleUpon a few days ago. If you want, send me your user name and I’ll add you to my friends list.

    Very interesting, the entire Stumbleupon site is down right now? The site is showing a http:error. Hackers?

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