Shoutwire – Have you paid attention to this little gem?

Visit any popular Social Media site or blog and there definitely will be a post about Digg and the “Digg Effect”. If not, you will come across a postshoutwire.jpg about StumbleUpon and how great it is. By all means, I respect and agree with these thoughts. A front page exposure on Digg can get you as little as 10,000 visitors in a day or as much as 80,000 visitors in one day. Again, a article popularized by StumbleUpon can get you streams of visitors for many weeks. A few my articles written in the beginning of last month still get me hundreds of visitors even today.

I have never been on the front page of Digg. There was one time I came close and the hypocrites there banned me. Maybe they do not tolerate Quality content anymore. I mean it. I have seen stale contents getting on the front page of Digg. Pretty sad.

I am beginning to wonder if too much stress is laid on these 2 communities. I rarely hear anyone talking about a community like Reddit or Propeller or Newsvine. I am also wondering if it is because of the massive numbers that the above 2 communities deliver, that they literally drown the other smaller Social distribution channels.

I am a big fan of Shoutwire, a small but popular Social community, and actually one of the first websites for Social interaction and individual freedom of Speech. I first came across Shoutwire in early 2006 and honestly, I was pretty impressed by the plethora of contents. Their topics cover from business to politics to entertainment to Lifestyle and more.

Okay, back to my main point. I have had 4 articles from blogs featured in Shoutwire. The first 3 articles got 2000 visitors each in less than 24 hours. Upon analysis, I have to say, the visitors were not really the useless types that comes from Digg, but really read my article and many of them left comments, both positive and negative.

3 days back, one of my articles made it to the front page. This was the 4th in line. This story got me an unusual 4000+ visitors in less than 48 hours. My story was on the front page for over 24 hours and got heavily shouted and of course bashed.



I use 3 analytics program to gain an insight into the visitor averages. Google Analytics is one of them. I will cover them in another article, another time. Google Analytics recorded 3758 visitors in a period of 40 hours. Program 2 recorded 4117 visitors in the same period. Program 3 recorded 4431 visitors. I consider 4000 to be the rough average. That is 4000 visitors in a period of 40 hours. Definitely not bad.

It took me 19 votes to make it to the frontpage of Shoutwire compared to the 50-100 votes that Digg requires. It has been the same in the past 2. The previous 3 articles took 19, 20, and 22 votes respectively to be pushed to frontpage. It was definitely worth the effort.

I am pretty sure, I will use Shoutwire for a long time to satisfy my traffic needs. Certain people are worried about the critical nature of Shoutwire members, but I really am not. I love criticism and really feast on it. It has helped me a lot in growing up to becoming what I am today.

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  1. Great blog post. Thanks for reminding me about SW; it’s been awhile since I’ve submitted anything there.

    Question though: If you like Shoutwire so much, why write an entire blog entry about them and not give a single link? Sure, they’re doing find already without your link, but as an SEO you should appreciate that every link counts.

  2. Everett, I was expecting this question. I dont know why, but for some reason WP had an error while inserting the link that I finally gave up.

  3. that’s a fantastic story
    I really want to know farther detail

    can I ask you
    which page you get such a big amount of traffic?

    If you do not want to tell it
    please teach me How to get reader’s attention on your article

    actually I submit an article on social site
    but it does not make good results

  4. Jack, It isn’t possible to explain it in few sentences. Keep watching my future posts as I reveal them step by step.

  5. Thanks for the info.

  6. If you like Shoutwire so much, how about trying to use the site with I.E. explorer and then watching as your anti-virus goes nuts trying to block all the spyware it keeps asking you to install.

    And don’t say “Well just use Firefox” ‘cos i already do.

    The point is that this is an editorial based news group openly trying to infect people with spyware.

    Sears website and Facebook have been blasted for this in previous weeks so why go easy on Shoutwire?

  7. Jamie,

    The answer to this question is as simple as “I have not been infected by any virus or spyware so far and because of that I never knew Shoutwire had any such problem”. If I was infected, I would still not have abandoned the site 100%. I would look at the problem and taken steps to combat it. There are 1000s of people at Shoutwire. You think they are there simply? Definitely, there has to be some value.

    And, I am definitely not going easy on them. Since the time I have used them, I have benefited a lot. Not once harmed. I also like their openness unlike that is a dictatorial based community. I dont know why you have in your comment link, but if you are a love of Digg, then I am sorry I disappointed you. Digg sucks left right and center.

  8. It’s true that shoutwire has some issues with incompetent webdevelopers and idiot owners, but that doesn’t lower the quality of the content (much). Hell, all you need is firefox (:D) and a couple of handy addons and you’re rolling.

    What other articles have you gotten on shoutwire?

  9. Person, 3 articles from my previous blog got to front page and one article from this blog:

    I fully agree with you Person.

  10. That’s right Shoutwire Rocks,
    Those who say different are bacon hating pirate fearing douche bags.

  11. Jamie, why must you hate freedom and resort to lies? Digg is a great site and has its unique purpose, and I’m sure you love it. Guess what? There are other communities (e.g., Reddit, ShoutWire, Newsvine) that people enjoy. These communities offer their own unique aspect to social bookmarking and more importantly PUBLIC media world.

    As the author astutely mentioned in his article, it is the community that truly makes a site quality. ShoutWire has some of the most awesome, albeit critical at times (which is good), communities on the net who will actually read/debate things submitted.

  12. Eeehm, I’m using IE7 and browsing Shoutwire has never given any harmful results. Then again, I also use an ANTIVIRUS software called Nod32 along with Spybot Search & Destroy.

    Firefox might be safer but without any damn protection you’re gonna get your box infected.

    Also, nice little tribute to Shoutwire. Good work. ;D

  13. Nice article man, thoroughly enjoyed it. Shoutwire is a little gem isn’t it.
    Now’s my chance to see the rest of your stuff

  14. Thanks Jack. Hope you visit my blog often.

    Thanks again.

  15. in response to the comments about IE incompatbility….
    surely u cant be trying to imply rhis is anyones fault except the creators ??
    and yes u can make a website both ie and firefox compatible but why would you cater for the poor standards ie tries to adhere too?

    down to the real crunch tho, good article. shoutwire is a great place to go for actual opinions and usually is just a good read. the freedom of speach they allow is a big plus and i think the fact most members are so criticle provides a real challange to writers (bloggers whatever you want to call yourself….) to produce decent quality works.


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