A Fresh Look at SEO for 2008

Here is a fresh look at SEO for your business in 2008. I was reading a book on SEO by Dan Thies today and was very impressed by his approach to Search Engines. Like every book/thesis on SEO, Dan covers the basics of Search Engines in the beginning and then goes to explore the deeper concepts.

Dan’s strength in the book is what he calls and describes the “First Tier, Second Tier and Third Tier Pages” and how to control them for maximum Pagerank flow to important sections of a site. It isn’t very easy to understand at first, but Dan has taken the effort to explain the concept pretty well.

I can go on, but my health doesn’t permit me to. The book is about 100 pages long and comes with illustrations and examples to ease the process of comprehension. Without further delay, go to Dan’s website and download the book. Did I mention it was free?

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