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According to MSN Career, Search Engine Optimization is one of the 4 most sought after jobs today. You will agree with me, when I say that Search Engine Optimization is one of the key foundation stones for a successful business online. There is nothing like organic traffic from Search Engines. They are precise, focused and with a purpose.

A career in the Search Engine world can be very lucrative and rewarding, both financially and psychologically. The perks that come with SEO job are numerous. At a corporate level, SEOs are paid as much as $150,000 a year, no kidding, with a starting salary of at least $25,000. Are we all so-called Search marketers qualified for this type of reward? No, definitely not. Can we prepare ourselves for it? Yes, definitely.

While many of us claim to know the Search Engines and boast of our abilities to perform SEO ourselves, how many of you (including myself) have given a serious thought to the knowledge we have accumulated? Have we ever verified it? How much of the knowledge that you and I have gained is junk?

Consider a scenario, where you were to implement a certain SE strategy to boost your rankings and respect in Google, but because of a lack of complete knowledge in the field, you make a deadly error that costs you your precious rankings. What next?

Well, I guess I am asking too many questions. My point is for a successful Search Engine practice, one needs to gain verified knowledge from an authoritative source. If I want to learn English, I will not go to the Cobbler, will I?

Kalena Jordon, one of the first Search Engine professional, and a very respected SE marketer in the U.S has started the Search Engine College to answer this very need of individuals and corporates. Kalena currently lives in New Zealand, and runs, a Search Engine Q&A blog.

The Search Engine College teaches everything from basic SEO to Link Building to Advanced Keyword Research to Website Copywriting and more. The prices, in my humble opinion are pretty reasonable. They range from anywhere between $195 to $275 per individual course and $695 for the Search Engine Marketer package course.

In addition to the certification provided, the college also helps you get a job in your chosen field. Every student has to have at least 70% in the final assessment to be eligible for certification. Currently, SEC has students from 30 countries which speaks very well of them.

Even though, I do my own SEO and am pretty good at the game, I am personally considering taking the advanced level courses one after the other. I am positive there is something to learn there for everyone of us. Knowing Kalena and her reputation, I can tell you the quality is top notch.

I personally recommend you to take a look and enroll in one of the courses. I have nothing but good feelings about this course. As always, if there is anything negative, I will pen an update later on.

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  1. Basically, SEO is the main part of any business online. Any business you can think of, as long as it involves internet. So, to all business minded out their… if you are planing to put up a business online, make sure that you have understand what the basic and what’s the key in successful business online. For i, myself is now brain storming on what kind of strategy will i apply. And buy the way, nice post.

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