Full Feed Vs Partial Feed: The Debate Continues

This was once a very hot topic. As a blogger, what should you offer you subscribers in their Reader? A full feed to read from their desktop or online reader, or a partial feed with a “Click More” option to visit your blog and lap your article up.

Why should you offer a partial feed?

  1. If you offer a partial feed, your readers have to visit your blog every time they want to read your article. This counts towards Alexa average and pushes your blog up in ranking.

  2. Every time your readers come online, there is a chance that they might buy an advertising spot there. After all repeated exposure can lead to such an action.

  3. You do not want to post full posts in your blog. You always use the “<more>” tag for people to click to continue reading. You basically do this to stack up more posts in the front page.

Why you should offer a full feed?

  1. If you offer a full feed, your subscribers do not have to go through the “inconvenience” of visiting your site every time you post an article. They can read it right from their desktop or online reader. After all they have subscribers to many other blogs too.

  2. The chances of retaining your readers are high. Even if a subscriber doesn’t like your content, he may stay for the heck of it or due to laziness of having to manually un-subscribe.

  3. It also portrays the picture of a responsible blogger who cares for his readers and wants to make it as easy as possible to read and benefit from your content.

Personally I like full feeds. I offer full feeds to my readers too. I share my sentiments with them. So far all the feeds I have subscribed to offer a full feed except one. His name is David Ledoux and he is a make money online “expert” who shares his money making “tips” at didyousmellthat.com. Oh, you are wondering why the quotation marks. Well, read on. I have been a subscriber of his blog for sometime and even though he offers a partial feed that drives me nuts, I have not closed my subscription. I may never. He amuses me with his content. He really does.

Out of sheer concern, one day, I penned a comment. You can see it in this link.


Been reading your blog for sometime now and I think you should avoid posts like these. I come here everyday hoping to find something valuable and get disappointed seeing these. You may want to meet them, but how will it help me?

Kindly take my feedback positively.”

My comment was out of a genuine feeling and I decided to let him know so he could do something about it. Pat came the reply:

If you were on the list you wouldn’t say things like that…

How will this help you? Why is this not valuable? Allow me to enlighten…

Do a search on Google for “link bait”. And then do a search for “Google Alerts”. I have a Google Alert set up for anytime my name appears on the Internet. So do a lot of celebrities with publicists…some of which are web savvy and want to get blogged about and appear on Dave TV.

Incidentally…I blog for myself. Not you. Sorry my trained monkey act didn’t entertain you this morning. Feel free to post a rant in the forum about how shitty I am at xyz forum”.

I was blown away. What an attitude. I wasn’t even offering help, for him to feel so inferior. My comment had victimized him after all. I thought we bloggers were community people and so expressed my thoughts about his content. Re-read his response in red. He says he is blogging for himself. Wish I knew that before. So, I concluded that he was a make money online “expert” sharing his “tips” for himself and not the world. I wonder what kind of ROI will I get if I advertise at his place.

The above is the reason why I decided not to close my subscription to his blog. He amuses me, you see.

I apologize I got carried away a bit, but reading this experience should be a lesson for you on a better behavior with your blog readers and not the “Trained Monkey Act”. LOL.

So, if you want to offer a full feed while offering a “Continue Reading” option in your blog, here is a sweet little Plugin for you. It does all the job for you. Just install and activate. Its called Full Text Feed and can be downloaded here.

Lastly, make up your mind, what you want to offer your email and RSS readers. If at all, I land up at your blog, I definitely will be looking for a full feed.

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  1. I agree with you. I prefer full feeds and offer full feeds to my readers.
    Actually, I really hate partial feed. Unless I think the articles is really worth to read, I will not waste my time going visiting the blog.

  2. I agree with you Mudin.

  3. Nice post…no wonder he blogs for himself…money maker..

  4. I understand providing Full RSS is good for readers
    But I wonder how could blogger make money with it?

    readers won’t visit blog and hate advertisement on RSS feed
    it sounds like there is no way to make money on blog
    but some famous bloggers are doing it with providing full RSS

    Why many of them provide full RSS?

  5. Kamikaze,

    What gives you the idea that full RSS feed cannot make money? Imagine you offer partial feed and your readers out of irritation stop clicking at your articles and completely ignore it. Would you then make money? If you want to make money from blogging, you need to have a long term vision. Let’s say offering full feed is a part of that vision. That is how big bloggers gain people’s attention and respect. They keep money in the back burner and money follows them automatically.

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