Sunday Blogbits – Performance Report and more

Blogrepreneur has entered its 3rd month. January was a pretty slow month, mainly due to my busy schedule and the accident I met with, in the late second half of the month. Nevertheless, there were a couple of interesting developments worth taking note of.

To start off, The blog made 3 Clickbank sales off one review that I wrote in the beginning of the month. It was for Micro Niche Finder. The total commissions ended with $91. It isn’t a great amount, but it definitely is not bad for a plain review.

The Blog received 330 visitors from Google and a few from MSN and Yahoo. The most searched were “Worlds weirdest homes” and Micro Niche Finder”.

According to Google Analytics, the blog received a total 6700 visitors and 10575 pageviews, much less than December. However, I am happy that the quality of visitors were better than what it was in December. I observed it from comments and personal feedbacks, as well as the source of the traffic.

The RSS Subscriber was static for the most part of the month. It changed last week after Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey mentioned my book in his blog. RSS subscriber base jumped from 137 to 150 in the last 6 days. Not a great development, but a development overall. Thank you Yaro for sending the traffic as well as new readers.

I had a goal of 3 guests posts every month. I completely missed it. I am going to work better towards hitting that goal. Last month, I started off the Micro Niche Marketing experiment. It is still going on. I will give an update in a few moments.

Do I have a goal for February? Nothing specific really. As usual, I would like to see myself fire up top of the world posts, would like to increase my readership, linkbaits, etc. If there is one thing I would like for my blog, that would be to maintain the quality I started with. Everything else, in my view will be bonuses.

Now to the Micro Niche Marketing Experiment. There hasn’t been any progress in terms of Google ranking, as it is a pretty new domain. I have been building links slowly. Last week, I managed to get about 50 links. In my opinion, 50 links a week is pretty good. I am targeting the same keywords I did before. I am positive Google has sandboxed me. It may take a couple months before I am released from it. I am going to continue building it.

I have been getting a steady 50-100 visitors everyday from referral sites like StumbleUpon, etc. This traffic will help me expedite the time to get out of Google’s sandbox. Hopefully.

At the moment, the experiment is pretty boring. Next week, I will reveal the niche I am running this experiment on. Hopefully, that should bring in the excitement.

How was January for you?

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