The Multiple Streams of Income Myth

This is one topic that has been over-hyped by Internet Marketers for nearly a decade now. I have personally been seeing it since past 7 years. Right from the time I entered the Internet Business industry, I have seen this being talked about over and over again.

So, is Multiple Streams of Income really a myth? How many success stories have you heard where people were earning from multiple sources, some passive and some active? How many sources are you personally earning from? Many of the people I met in the beginning, who were all hyped about this syndrome, are still in their day jobs and haven’t made a red cent from the gazillion opportunities of the Internet.

Nevertheless, this syndrome is real. It isn’t a myth. It really is possible to earn from multiple sources if one knows how exactly to do it. The typical newbie, in his/her pursuit of making money, will be working on a dozen different programs, hoping to make a buck from all of them, thus failing miserably. They do not understand the power of focus I discussed in my earlier post. They are not able to fathom the thought that it takes focus, determination and patience to build and establish and business and then the process is repeated over and over again.

The average newbie is looking at earning an online living in less than a month or in a span of few weeks, which obviously is the road to a miserable failure. The real way to build multiple streams of income is to build them one by one, establish them, earn from them, see the ROI, and then move onto the next one.

The Multiple Streams of Income is not a myth. It can be achieved. What are your experiences? I wanna know.

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  1. It’s rather “easy” to earn multiple streams of income when you blog.

    I am not saying it’s easy to earn a lot of money, but it’s easy to find and monetize your blog. I am earning money from text links (text links ads), FeedBurner, direct advertisers, and various affiliate programs (mostly clickbank products).

  2. Jens,

    What happens when your blog goes down? It still is a single source of income. :)

  3. Well, I am using my blog to build a list as well. I am using AWeber for this. The list is exposed to various products, and I am earning money from it.

    I am using my blog to promote mulitple streams of income, but I agree that I am relaying on my blog for all of the marketing. What are you thinking about when you are talking about multiple streams of income?

    Are you talking about how you promote it, or ways to earn money?

  4. Yes Jens, I am talking about streams that are not connected to each other, so when and if one goes down, I can have the others taking care of me. Take your list itself for example. Lets say you have built a list by offering a free Internet Marketing book, and another list by offering a book on Forex Trading and another by offering a health related. Say you have built 5 different lists.

    Do you see what I am talking about?

  5. Ok, I think that I understand.

    So, you can say that I have two streams of income. One from my blog and one from my list?

    What about you?

  6. yes, because your list is independent of your blog. As for me, I have 3 sources.

  7. Interesting. What are your sources? I should probably add a new source, have you tried PPC?

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