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I logged into my Feedburner account and I was surprised I had 18 visitors subscribed. Not bad for a 10 days old blog. I suspect it is because of the posts I promoted regarding the contest I will be running next week. Oh, why am I saying 18 and not 28? It’s because the 10 subscribers are just family and friends. I am not really counting them.

I have been able to pull up $400 worth of prizes for the next week contest. I am pretty excited about it. I am looking at it not only as a promotion tactic, but also an experiment, and a possible topic of discussion someday. I am not really worried about subscriber numbers or traffic stats. They will come eventually when my blog establishes itself as a source of quality information and knowledge.

I have been working on an ebook project since few weeks. The ebook has been my burning desire for sometime. I will let you all in on the topic in another post when I see the end of the tunnel. Stay tuned.

I acquired the master resale rights to a product few hours back. It is pretty small software but nevertheless a very useful one, especially if your site or blog has products or services to offer. I am planning to give it away free to all my readers. Stay tuned again.

I will try and put up the next part of the tutorial series later today. I should apologize I haven’t been able to give a regular follow-up on that. Do I say stay tuned again and again? LOL.

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