Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Case Study Part 2

Another exciting edition of Sunday Blogbits. The Micro Niche Marketing Case Study is going pretty well. I will give you the update in a moment. Before that let us a take a look at the week in the Blogosphere. There always is something interesting going on, be it an event or a rant.

I came across a pretty interesting argument at “King” Paul’s about Shoemoney and JohnChow, both excellent marketers in my view, but absolutely useless bloggers. Every time I come across their name, I am reminded of the circus trained monkeys that entertain crowds. Nevertheless, the article is pretty interesting. I could sense Paul’s frustration in the writing.

PepperJam, the Internet Marketing company launched their much awaited Affiliate Network this week. If you are an Affiliate Marketing bum, take a look at their program.

So much for the week. I am sure there are other events, but I can’t cover them all. Let’s move onto the Case Study.

Basically In the past week, I did the following:

  1. Acquired the domain officially in my account from TDNAM on Tuesday

  2. Setup a WordPress Blog and necessary plugins.

  3. Upgraded to the latest version of WordPress

  4. Performed On-page Optimization with keywords from my initial research.

  5. Converted the WordPress Structure to become more SE friendly.

  6. Penned down a brief bio for the About page.

  7. Submitted 5 time stamped articles starting from Jan 1st with a posting frequency of once every 3 days.

  8. Optimized each article with an almost perfect keyword density and other SEO factors.

  9. Stumbled each of the post for some overnight action, and yes they did.

  10. Lastly began the Link Building ritual.

As of today, Google has about a 100+ links indexed according to Google Webmaster Central. Of course, that is no where enough, but I am building them steadily. Haste may lead to waste. Currently, Google has indexed all the pages and has also assigned ranks to a couple keywords. I had started the project with 5 keywords, but during the week, I added 2 more keywords. Here are the rankings in the order of importance:

  1. Keyword 1 – Not in Top 100

  2. Keyword 2 – Not in Top 100

  3. Keyword 3 – Not in Top 100

  4. Keyword 4 – Rank 79

  5. Keyword 5 – Rank 58

  6. Keyword 6 – Rank 35

  7. Keyword 7 – Rank 10

So, Keyword 7 has already entered the first page in Google. It is keyword that is searched about 3500 times every month and a exact match competition of 9410 results. Pretty good if I rank number 1. I can definitely attract a chunk of the Search crowd.

So far so good. I will keep you updated on the progress. Just so you know, the case study will run for a total of 12 weeks and we are now in our second week.

Great Sunday!

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  1. Do you mean keyword or keywords, ie. phrases/long tail?

  2. I meant Keywords Richard.

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