How to Make Money in Saturated Markets – Part 2

Last week I discussed how it was really possible to make money in saturated markets with the proper know-how. I promised to pen down a sequel where I reveal how it is done without beating the head against the wall. Well, lets get to it.

Last week, I picked up a software called Micro Niche Finder. It is owned and marketed by James.J.Jason. That’s JJJ, pretty cool. The website has the usual marketing hype and B.S, sadly. I picked up the software because of the 30 days refund it came with. I literally had nothing to lose.

I seriously don’t understand why James had to create a hyped up marketing letter, because the software works pretty well. It actually helps you find smaller profitable niches within your main niche, so you can make real money while everyone else is behind the main niche.

I started a Adsense based site for testing purposes. I will discuss this more in the coming edition of Sunday Blogbits. For now, let me tell you, I have found about 12 niches out of which at least 7 are clearly profitable and have pretty low competition.

Here are some of the features of the software:

  1. It shows you the Search count, Broad and exact match for the keyword that you are researching.

  2. It shows you the strength of the competition. Personally I am not convinced about this feature.

  3. Once you find your hidden niche, it shows you related products from Clickbank to sell.

  4. It also links the hidden niche phrases to royalty free articles so you can setup an Adsense page in 5 minutes.

The drawback is, it works off Google’s search database only. You have to rely only queries made on Google and not other Search engines. It is not a worrying concern, but it would have been nice if the options were extended to other keyword databases too. It helps in a better research oriented results.

Overall, I am happy with the performance. I am using this software extensively for the Adsense project. So far, I really haven’t seen a need to look elsewhere, even though I would love to. Plus, there are certain services I came who claim to find the hidden goldmine, but charge 3-4 times of the cost of the software.

My advice to you is go ahead and pick up the software, install it, use it. You have about 30 days to play your will on it without losing a dime. Let me know here in the comments section, how you faired with it, how many niches you were able to find and whatever you can share. Our discussions can definitely benefit the online business community.

So, go ahead, pick up your copy of Micro Niche Finder and do not forget to keep me updated. Oh, by the way if you are thinking about the affiliate link, please read my affiliate policy here. That should make you comfortable.

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  2. I have been going around the entire net in search for a way to automate my niche research. I almost gave up until I read this post. Very honest review, I have bumped things like keyword elite, etc. where the tag price can break the floor when dropped! Thanks for the review man! You made me $230 richer after buying the software after reading this review after building ny squidoo lenses, thank you! More power to you…

  3. i just wanted to tell you that this is one of the BEST! sites on blogging I’ve ever visited and i think I’ve seen them all the other being by yaro starak.please don’t stop doing what you do anyway I’ve had MNF since it’s release at some point do you think you can do a post on how you use it in more detail for finding profitable niches I’m still struggling with the numbers.

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