Meet the Real Dotcom Moghul

I have to put off the series today again as I found an interesting story yesterday on CNN. I gathered as much info I could before I summarized all of it to an article for you. A very exciting story of a medical doctor turned dotcom entrepreneur.

It’s unlikely that you’ve heard of a multi-millionaire who rules the dotcom world as him. Meet Kevin Ham, a man who erected the $300 million Empire of web domains. I doubt if there is anyone else who has done as much as Ham in the business of domain names. While I may not be totally sure if Ham is the greatest domain millionaire, I would certainly stress that he is the most ambitious of all.

Born as one of the four sons to the Korean parents, Ham grew up in Eastern Vancouver. As a bright student Ham turned his dream of becoming a doctor to reality but gave up medicine to explore the riches of web. This is one thing which I find quiet fascinating about Kevin Ham. Today, as a matured man in his late 30s, Ham looks young for his age. Christianity lay at the core of his heart and you would notice that when his business conversations turn to talks about bible.

Kevin Ham lost his interest in medicine and nurtured his enthrallment for web by creating websites. The domain-man learned about web in early 90s for the first time. It all started with creating the providers directory called which I believe was Kevin’s way of compiling the scattered information about web hosting. In just a few months, fetched him $10,000 a month by way of buying and selling domains through ad sales. A smart business tycoon that Kevin was, he also plunged into ad sales when he realized the potential of this business. Soon, came into being, to which he added a feature of a weekly list of available names. People liked it and this initiative got him 5000 plus customers in just about 2 months. This was way back in 1998.

Ask those who know Kevin well and they will tell you that this man hasn’t left a single stone unturned to take his business to sky heights. I was thrilled to learn about his giant portfolio of over 300,000 domains and other allied businesses that fetch him annual revenue of nearly $70 million. Don’t try to ask him if it’s true, he will never talk about his financial life.

Reinvent Technology is the tycoon’s new venture with a huge investment that is in the works. But like I said before, he doesn’t talk about his financial matters and neither discusses much about his business.

As the business grew, the rivals came into full force and Kevin couldn’t stand to be an exception to this fact. In the beginning he wasn’t even aware that he had competitors who existed and were far ahead of him in buying domain names using software programs. Kevin did the same too but the competition was still growing and so was jealousy. But there was no turning back for Kevin and he continued with his amazing tricks like domain name tasting and today he stands to be one of the greatest men in the dotcom world, although much less known and enigmatic. As a matter of fact, he keeps low profile due to his competitors and due to several legal issues that surround this business.

The mysterious web domain king as reported by Business 2.0 Magazine as “The world’s most powerful dotcom mogul you’ve never heard of” With the dotcom business soaring to great heights, Ham still buys 30 to 50 domain names every day. Recently, he has leased an entire floor for his office in Vancouver building and is in the process of hiring over 150 people for various jobs. Being a religious man, it’s no wonder that he is keen to launch very soon. For now, buying domain names is for business rather than for pay-per-click and Reinvent technology plans to utilize the good names for mini media companies on various niches, says Kevin.

With so much that he has done and so much that he has, can any one of us think of another name and say “He owns the internet!”?

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  1. Great post….have dugg it !

  2. I haven’t heard about him until I read the business 2.0 magazine. With that many domains owned, and sold I can see why he made $300 million. This goes to show the type of money that can be made on the Internet.

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