Weekend Talk – WordPress Blog and Ping

The other day, I was reading a blog post whose link I received in my email. It was about the Pinging technology within WordPress and the serious flaw it contains. The author writes that while WordPress has a great feature to ping all major services including Google, it also has a serious flaw that can get your blog banned from any or all service.

What happens is this – When you write a post and click the PUBLISH button, WordPress pings all the service you have listed in the Admin panel and informs them of your new post and each of these services in turn crawl your blog and index your latest content. While this is good, there is also a serious problem. If say, 10 minutes later, you go ahead and edit the post and then click PUBLISH again, WordPress goes ahead and pings all the service again, as if you have published a new post.

This can pose a serious problem if you edit a post multiple times in a day. It can actually be considered spam by the Ping services and can eventually end up in your blog getting banned.

As WordPress has done nothing about this flaw, the author has come up with a neat solution. The solution comes in the form of a Plugin called Ping Optimizer. What it basically does is restrict WordPress from pinging a post already pinged as well as those posts that are time stamped. Yes, WordPress also pings those posts that are time stamped for a future date. Ping Optimizer solves this problem completely. It is an Out-of-the-Box solution that requires you to only install and activate.

So, right away download Ping Optimizer and install it on your blog.

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