Celebrity Bloggers: How Google Found them

The title has no direct relation to what I am writing today. I had to gain your attention. The information I am sharing is pertinent to your growth as a Long Tail KeywordsSearch Engine Marketer and will help you outrank your competition in a healthy manner, so you do not make enemies.

So, what are we dealing with today? Long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are your entry into highly competitive niches. Long tail keywords ensure that you get a fair share of any niche market you enter, regardless of how fierce and dangerous your competition is. Long tail keyword is also a key strategy in getting ranked in Search Engines in the shortest time possible.

Let us take an example scenario. I want to enter the online “Travel deals” market. I want to start a website so I can provide online consumers best travel deals, saving them a chunk of their cash and earning myself a nice commission. So, I am all excited to commence the project. I plan a nice looking website, research the companies that are offering best deals in the travel sector, while at the same time running an affiliate program. I then move onto planning my SEO strategy. To start, I research Google to get an idea of the competition out there. What do I see?

Travel Deals:

  1. Competition: 42 million

  2. Monthly Search Volume: 188,000

That’s a mammoth size competition; one that may take me a long time to break into. Suddenly my excitement fizzes out. I run out of gas. The affiliate checks fade away slowly. Everything is blurred.

Then comes John Doe to my rescue. John tells me “Al, why don’t you trace your Long Tails?” I say “Long Tails?” He says “Yes, Long Tails”. He briefly explains to me what Long Tail keywords are. We bid farewell to each other.

I start my keyword research all over, this time focusing on the Long Tails. So, instead of Travel Deals, I pick up keywords such as:

  1. Travel Deals Last minute – 268,000 competition and 38,000 volume.

  2. Travel Deals Mexico – 9300 competition and 12,000 volume.

  3. Cheap Student Airfares – 282,000 competition and 19,000 volume.

Suddenly, my excitement is back and I am on Cloud 9 again. I can see those fat affiliate checks re-surfacing and the blur picture is gone. I am on top of the world.

The above keywords will help me rank better and faster in Search Engines and will also help me get very specific visitors to my travel site that will have a pretty high conversion rate. Now, all that is remaining is the presentation part.

Long Tails basically help you to attack your niche market using multiple entry points. Instead of focusing on a single main keyword and wasting all the energy on it, you dig deeper and pick up 10-20 specific keywords and use them to enter the market and harness the potential. You can easily gain SERP for 10 Long Tails with the time you take to gain for one main keyword because of the competition.

I could honestly go on and on about Long Tail, but I believe, the above example has given you a clear picture of Long Tail keywords and their benefits.

How about you put some of the knowledge into action? Keep me posted on the developments.

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  1. Where did you get your keyword results from? Did you use the Google keyword tool or did you use the Micro Niche software?

  2. I used the Micro Niche Finder software Richard. You gotta buy it Richard. You won’t regret it. You can always ask for any help regarding it here. James, the owner of the soft is a very helpful person too. My intention is not to get a commission of your purchase. I really mean it.

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  4. I will second micro niche finder. It provides great research. And you would spend ages trying to work out things without it.

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  7. What would you say is the range for Volume and Competition for having the most success in the rankings? I’ve read many articles stating you should choose a Volume between 500 and 5000 with low competition for best success.

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