Link Building Tips from My Experience

This is a guest blog post by Scott Hughes, administrator of the Philosophy Forums

I have read a lot of lists of ways to build links. Most of the ways have not worked well for me or just did not apply to my websites. However, I have tried a lot of different methods, and I will tell you some methods that have worked well for me.

Article Marketing – Basically, article marketing means you write articles and submit them to article directories. With the articles, you include an “about the author” section with a link or two back to your website. This can also be a good way to get traffic directly, especially if your articles get picked up and republished on a popular website or ezine. The disadvantage is that search engines will not value the links that much if the content is not unique. In other words, it does not help much to publish the same article to multiple directories.

Forum Posting – Most forums will allow you to have a signature, in which you can put a link to your website. Most of the forums do not add nofollow to the link, but some do, so you may want to check that. The trick to forum posting is to make high quality posts. Be helpful and informative. If people like your posts, then they will be much more likely to check your signature link.

Blog Commenting – Almost all blogs put nofollow in their comment links, so the links do not have much direct SEO value. However, if you subscribe to relevant blogs, you can read there posts and regularly post helpful comments. By doing that, you can build relationships with the bloggers, and the bloggers may post about your website or add a link to it in their blogroll.

Great Content – The number one way to get links is to have great content on your website. If you have great content, people will decide to link to you on their own. If you have bad content, then you will find it very difficult to build links. If you have a video site, you need to post great videos. If you have a website with jokes, then you need to have lots of great, very funny jokes. If you have a website providing information about a certain topic, then you need to provide lots of helpful information about it. Basically, if you have great content, your website will promote itself.

Those are just some ways that have worked for me. Feel free to experiment with other link building methods too.

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