I want the world to read my blog post – Part 8

Yes, I understand that you have written your first post. You have published it and now you want the world to know about it. How do you reach out to the blogosphere? One way is to spend money and buy targeted visitors to your blog. But then, it really isn’t viable to do it. You are going to write almost everyday or once every 2 days and it isn’t a wise idea to spend money on each post for exposure, unless you have massive income coming in from your venture.

So, what is the answer? Social Media of course. Social Media is the answer to your immediate traffic concerns. What do I mean by Social Media? I am talking about community based sites that are actually powered by everyday people like you and me. These sites are made by the people for the people.

Let us take an example. Reddit.com is a social powered website.

In the snapshot above, you can see a list of links to articles from different websites and blogs. This is how it basically it works. You go ahead and sign up with the service, in this case Reddit.com. Confirm your account through the email they send you. After that, login to your account on the top right hand side of the site at http://www.reddit.com. Next, on top right hand corner of the site, you will see a link that says “Submit”. Click on it.

Submit your details. The first is the URL of the story in your blog. The second is the title of your story. Next, type the verification code and click submit.

The above image is the result of your submission. On the left top, do you see a orange arrow? That is reddit’s way of asking readers to vote. Whenever, you like a story and want to vote for it, you have to click the UP arrow. If you do not like the story, you can click on the DOWN arrow and it will be counted as a vote against the story, reducing it’s credibility.

So, the above is typically how a Social Media site operates. Social Media sites are also known as Social Marketing sites and Social Bookmarking sites. It is because you’re marketing your content by bookmarking it in a public area for social exposure.

There are many Social sites on the Internet geared towards various niches. Below I have given a brief list of some of them.

Digg.com – Technology related
Reddit.com – Programming and web 2.0
Shoutwire – Politics, Celebrity and Lifestyle
Sphinn.com – Search Marketing
PlugIM – Internet Marketing
Propeller – General
StumbleUpon – General and very popular. Another article, another day.
Onlywire.com – A collection of 25 Social sites that you can submit in one click.
Newsvine.com – Breaking news and opinions.

There are many more, but the above are popular and get massive exposure. Get your feet wet on them and learn more as you go. I will be covering more on Social marketing as times goes. Be sure to refer back to my blog.

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  1. thanks for giving a nice information

    I want to ask a question
    I found “submitting article tool” here


    It helps submit article to multiple social sites at a time
    but I wonder if it won’t be SPAM or something like bad thing

    It sounds wonderful but do you think it’s worth?

  2. Hello Kamikaze,

    There is nothing wrong with submitting tools. They are not spam. What they basically do is make it easy for you to submit your content to many sites in a short span of time. Spam is when you use a tool like Bookmarking Demon where you have the ability to create multiple accounts under different IP and spam.

    So rest assured.

  3. thanks for answering
    I really like your blog.

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