A Simplified Guide to Niche Marketing

This article is an attempt to answer the question “How to setup a Niche marketing website?” I received from one of the Blogrepreneur readers through Yahoo IM. I am not going to explain what Niche marketing is. What I am going to do is give you a clearcut blueprint to start, establish and hopefully profit from your own niche marketing sites. By the way, the business of Niche Marketing is also called Virtual Real Estate.

To start a Niche Marketing website, you need –

  1. Profitable Niche

  2. Keyword Research

  3. Content

  4. Platform

  5. Traffic

  6. Monetization

Profitable Niche – A profitable niche is one that pays over and over again. It is a niche that carries demand and never diminishes. It is also a niche where you can build a passive income over time with an almost zero maintenance.

Does such a niche exist? Yes it does. In fact there thousands of such niches that fit the above description. Your job is to find them. I use a software called Micro Niche Finder to unravel hidden niches with low competition and high profit factors. The software, when given a generic phrase or word, digs Google database and gives up to 250 niche topics off the main keyword.

For example, the first time I used it, I typed in the word “Cure”. It gave many results, one of which was Acne Cure. I dug the word deeper found certain profitable niches within with medium to low competition. Thereafter, I made a list of these micro niches and setup a blog geared towards them.

Keyword Research – This goes hand in hand with the previous heading. I wont go into much detail except that Micro Niche Finder helps you to accomplish this in simple steps. Please make sure to read the accompanying guide.

Content – This is a tricky one. This is the mode where many niche marketers get discouraged and quit. Unless you are interested in the topic you have chosen, you will have a hard time preparing content. Couple the fact with the issue of duplicate content. It is imperative to have original content if you are in for long term success. Niche Marketing, even though it sounds like a get rich quick scheme, or is portrayed that way, is in reality a long term money maker.

You have 2 choices here. First being Private Label Rights articles which you can easily re-write and give the required unique flavor. Private Label articles are pretty cheap and have reasonable quality. Rewriting them is not really difficult. Read my experiment with Private Label Articles for a better understanding.

Your second choice is to outsource the content writing job to a writer. This can cost you anywhere between $4-$10 per article and set you back a bit. If anyone of you is interested, get in touch with me and I can put you through some very good writers who are reasonable priced.

Platform – Upfront, WordPress is my choice. The days of static websites are fading. They are not over definitely, but are slowly getting into the back burner. WordPress is the most up to date dynamic content management system available in the market. WordPress is open source and hence 100% free. There is no strings attached.

There are many web hosts that come with ‘1 click’ installation of WordPress. I recommend Doreo.com. They are the best I have experienced in the past 4 years. Read my Blogging Guide to understand how to operate WordPress and make it more Search Engine friendly.

Traffic – For a niche marketing blog, Search Engine traffic is the order of the day. Search Engine traffic is what makes this business a passive earner in the long run. If you do proper SEO and build legitimate backlinks with related anchor keywords, you will eventually start receiving organic traffic and this will only increase as you keep building relevant links. Traffic from Search Engines is your first success installment. Thereafter the game becomes easier to play.

Monetization – By now, your blog will be receiving quality traffic from Search Engines and other sources. When your analytics confirms that you are receiving at least 40-50 visitors from Search Engines, you can go ahead and monetize your blog. Do not overdo it. Start with Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher and slowly move to affiliate marketing and eBay auction products.

Let monetization be a gradual process. Never compromise with the appearance of your blog for a few bucks. Keep it clean and with quality content. Money will follow suit.

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  1. I just discovered your blog and just finished reading it page to page.

  2. I am flattered. Thank You for being a part of my readership.

  3. Excellent advice. I’ve never tried the “Micro Niche Finder”it sounds like a great tool. I’ll have to try it.

  4. I assure you, you will not regret the choice.

  5. i just wanted to tell you that this is one of the BEST! sites on blogging I’ve ever visited and i think I’ve seen them all the other being Entrepreneurs-Journey.com by yaro starak.please don’t stop doing what you do anyway I’ve had MNF since it’s release at some point do you think you can do a post on how you use it in more detail for finding profitable niches I’m still struggling with the numbers

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