The Politics of Guest Blogging

This week I am not posting the usual Review Thursday column. Since I haven’t written any good posts, I decided to compensate for it today. I am yet to recover completely and so, not really in the best of my writing moods. Nevertheless, lets see what I come up with.

Guest Blogging. We all know what it is. You draft a post, contact another blogger in your niche and request your article to be published. If he accepts, good. If not, you move onto another blogger and repeat the process.

Guest Blogging can make or break your career in the blogosphere. A good post can bring you excellent and targeted traffic with a good possibility of increase in your RSS Subscribers and a bad post can do equal damage.

There are bloggers I know, who believe that an average post is good enough as guest post, and that the best posts should be reserved for their own blogs. In my opinion, these bloggers have no idea what Social Marketing and Networking is. They really don’t. Imagine, you guest post at a blog that has 5000 subscribers and a daily traffic volume of 10000 visitors. What do you want to do? Produce an average post or your best ever?

Now, why did I give the title as “Politics of Guest Blogging”? Because I love the dirty art of politics. Kidding of course. If you are smart, you can do more than just a guest post. Your guest post can be a sales letter to pitch, say, a service you offer at your blog. If you play your cards well, your guest post can perform better than a $450 paid review at You need to have the mind of a politician to do that Have you ever given a thought to it? Let us quickly run a comparison.

A paid review is:

  • A commercial Ad.

  • Can be biased.

  • Can hold a positive or negative impression on the reader’s mind.

  • Can be completely ignored by the reader

On the contrary, a guest post is:

  • Considered a piece of knowledge

  • Treated with respected by the reader

  • Responded to positively 99.9% of the time.

  • Not given the commercial picture.

  • The writer is generally viewed as an authority and so, the follow-up is great.

If you are smart, you can subtly and gently indicate the crowd to follow you, without painting the commercial picture. There is no harm in providing a link back to any part of your blog and talking about it. The point is, avoid the obvious sales pitch. You don’t want to make it your last guest post by ruining your reputation.

Practice moderation. Develop the Brain of a politician. Do not write a mediocre post like I just did. Fortunately, this isn’t a guest post. My bed rest has killed my focus that has resulted in a post like this. LOL.

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  1. Bloggers are pretty particular about who they let loose on their blogs, but you’re right. A bad post can turn people off and leave you looking like an idiot.

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