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Dee Wilson hails from the US. She is a web enthusiast and a professional blogger. She is also a business thinker. Her thoughts currently are running around Social Marketing and Networking.

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Guest Article – Thumbs Down On Social Marketing?

The mere thought of getting the boot from the ever growing social networking communities, such as Digg, Propellar, Newsvine etc., humbles even the most fearless online marketer today. To be judged unworthy a member and to be expelled from their circles of influence to countless masses adds to the nightmare. Because it is within these spheres that we marketers play our songs like aspiring musicians at a crowded fair, hoping to get that big break while constantly weighing in the risks of thumbs down, bashing, defeat 70-494 and failure, worse yet account termination to the afore mentioned giants.

Using that image, let’s ask some questions: How acceptable is social marketing within online communities? Are these grounds solely the turf of the Big Players, competing for ad space on such high volume traffic sites? In which capacity can we, the work-from-home marketers, feel comfortable among the folks to whom we address ourselves, canada goose jacket services, or products?

The answers to all of these questions are for you, the aspiring social marketer, to judge as you read on…

Let’s start by briefly looking to the past, not only to see how this style of marketing came about, but also for some inspiration.

First, a marketer would not be a marketer if it could not be done. It has always been part of our job- nay, our blood- to take risks! We started by knocking on doors. Bravely going from home to home, undauntingly facing rejection, happily making connections, all on a person to person, one by one basis. Back then no one ever heardbuy windows 10 key of Seth Godin’s “Permission Marketing,” yet it was already well practiced, with doors being opened or slammed shut – whether the vacuum cleaner was or was not needed. Later, we armed ourselves with discounts and incentives, thus giving us more tools, besides a cleanly shaven face and charm, with which to pry and keep doors open.

The advent of the internet created a whole new means of reaching people. It was a wide open world for grabs, a whole new neighborhood, and nothing to have to knock on?!?! Then, many marketers brazenly used email and forums to bully themselves through open doors until people finally fought back the “spammers.” Fortunately, permission marketing now is legal standard on the World Wide Web.

Over time, linear discussion groups evolved into large social communities thanks to XML, a website authoring language that interprets data shared in profiles, pictures, music, videos, and blogs, connecting into an intricate interactive world of thought, concern, and interest we love the internet for. Now it’s up to the marketer to craft a message that not only fits seamlessly into the new social networking scene but also rewards their readers as well.

Envision how this happens. I share my images of a gorgeous Jamaican sunset and rave about mouth watering cuisine. Let’s say my post is rich in descriptive content that draws people in, preferably 70-480 those ready to pack their suit cases. And like in real community life, we meet critics who deem the cuisine poisonous, and hence turn this post into a debate. Now it gets exciting, because as my post touches more and more readers and continually draws commentary, it starts having a life of its own. Some may even add me to their friends list and point still other friends to my Jamaican sunsetscanada goose jacket , making my post viral exposing it to more and more readers. Most likely, some of those readers will also welcome the affiliate links to the Jamaican Travel Tour Guide, Airplane Tickets and Accommodations, although I’d refrained 300-320 from hard-selling any of the items. Instead, those links are now appreciated by fellow social networking members as easy-to-access resources.

In my opinion, social marketing is a natural part of the social community’s network entirety. When done in a manner that embraces and honors its readers, rather than trying to fool them, both the marketer CCA-500 and the reader benefit. A free flow of information is what powers social marketing, not good ad copy. In this way, a marketer’s expertise can indeed be of service to others. So it is in this spirit, I say, thumbs upmicrosoftproductssettlement to social marketing! And yes, we have the right to be here.

Now it’s up to you, oh brave door to door minstrel. Are you ready to sing your song in this great big fair? Happy travels, and just remember: The successful social marketer sings their song in harmony with the ebb and flow of the surrounding audience.

Author: Dee Wilson
Web Content Developer
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  1. It won’t die, it’ll just get oversaturated.

    I think people will discover that these places are BAD for your privacy.


  2. very nice article I am sure over time that social marketing will slowly fade away with other types of media.

  3. Well Yea I guess it probably won’t die but you are right it probably will get saturated. This I feel is true cause I just recently learned of social marketing and more people will discover it as time goes by.

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  6. Hello,

    I went to your blog because I thought it was about social marketing. However, what you describe is social media marketing, not social marketing. With respect, there is a critical difference. Social marketing is a concept first defined by researchers Philip Kotler & Gerald Zaltman, Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, in 1971, to describe the application of commercial marketing principles to health, social and quality of life issues. (Cf. Kotler, P. and Zaltman, G. (1971) “Social marketing: An approach to planned social change. J of Marketing. Vol. 35, pp. 3-12.)

    Social marketing has been used around the globe by government, NGOs and special interest groups to impact issues of societal well-being as diverse as breastfeeding, recycling and encouraging savings account. To be brief, I’ll stop there,, but feel free to check out my blog for more information.

    No worries, you’re def. not the first, and probably won’t be the last on mixing the terminology.


  7. Thanks for your response SB. I definitely appreciate the criticism.

  8. Should I have titled my opinion piece “Thumbs down on Social Media Marketing (SMM)?” Perhaps so if I had written about how to submit the Jamaican sunset to different social media channels such as blogs, bookmarking sites etc., intending merely to gain Google page rank and traffic. But this is not the case here. In the given example, my character focuses on the unfolding discussion with potential travelers and sunset lovers, within the social environment of a social networking site. Therefore the term social in the title pertains to human society and is used to demonstrate interactions between people.

    The marketing aspect combined with the social is where the confusion begins. Just as defined within the social marketing concept by the researchers Gerald Zaltman and Philip Kotler, my character encourages people to ask questions, write opinions, voice concerns, and state data (such as costs or quality of cuisine and accommodations)for a common goal to avoid possible future losses, such as vacation time and / or monetary funds.

    Yet, in contrast to the Social Marketing concept termed by G.Zaltman and P. Kotler, my character does not try to change long term behavior of a target population to benefit the individual and society at large. As such, the term “Social Marketing” is indeed taken and as suggested, should not have been used in the title.

    Social Marketing: Wikipedia

  9. The only way social marketing is going to die is if the sun explodes or something like it.

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