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Google Web Optimizer is a free landing page tool introduced by Google. The tool is geared mainly towards Google Adwords account holders who need to test the efficiency of their campaigns, tweak their ad copies, determine what ads bring in better conversion rates and so on.

The tool is available inside your Adwords account itself. You can check it out by signing up for an Adwords account. Adwords account signup is free and unconditional. I have uploaded a video by Google in the Video section on the right. The video runs you through the basics of Website Optimizer and how to use it effectively for maximum ROI.

Content Robot has released a Plugin by the name “Google Website Optimizer”. The Plugin was created for WordPress bloggers who use Adwords to promote their blog. In their own words:

The Google Website Optimizer Plugin integrates the Google Website Optimizer into WordPress blog posts and pages. It allows WordPress bloggers who are already enrolled in Google’s Adwords program to insert the tracking codes required to run headline and copy tests to determine which blog copy/content drives the best conversions”.

Should you really use this Plugin?

Yes, you should. If you are an Adwords account holder, then you should. I personally do not have an Adwords account, so I may not use it, but I will definitely consider it when I go with Adwords for my PPC campaigns. I have no intention to waste my money on campaigns that do not produce good results. Using this tool, I can easily narrow down to the best ROI producing copies.

Here are a few guidelines before use this Plugin:

  • Make sure you have a valid Google Adwords Account
  • Determine the copy you will be tracking (this can be a headline, image, or paragraphs of text)
  • Write alternative copy for your test
  • Make sure the WYSIWYG editor is disabled in the WordPress administration area under “My Account” – uncheck “Use the visual editor when writing”. Switching between the “Visual” and “code” tabs in the 2.1.x WYSIWYG editor won’t work – it needs to be disabled.


Lastly, click on this link to download the Plugin. Do not forget to watch the video I have uploaded to your right.

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  1. Google provides lots of tools and gadgets and it’s hard to keep up for a newbie like me. I will remember this tool when I start doing PPC and using Google Adwords. I’m currently following the SEO route.

    John Santiago

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