Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Case Study Part 1

Another Sunday; Another edition. Welcome, as always. Today’s edition is going to be pretty interesting, as I am launching Google SEO Case Study. I have been working on ground rules since Friday. I am a great believer of Blueprints and detailed planning. I am going to share the minute details here so you can follow with me for the next 12 weeks.

This case study was basically an inspiration I received after purchasing Micro Niche Finder. I decided to run a live experiment to rank a Micro Niche keyword in the first page of Google. I already did my research in the beginning of last week and picked up a fairly profitable niche that has aboutGoogle SEO Case Study 50,000 per month search count in Google and an exact match result of 800,000. I am sure you are keen to know the niche, but I fear the Devil. I have already received a threat:

So, I have decided to keep the niche a secret at the moment. Let the ball roll and I will reveal it. I have chosen 4 other keywords apart from the main niche word to rank for. The following are the tools I will be utilizing extensively all through the experiment:

  1. Micro Niche Finder: Though the initial job of finding the Niche market is over, I will continue to use it to find better keywords to rank for, within the niche.

  2. Keyword Elite: I will use it basically for Keyword research purpose. Very helpful tool.

  3. SEO SpyGlass: This tool will help me spy on my main competitors and give me an idea of the level of competition and help me gauge my progress.

  4. Rank Tracker: This software will enable me to research my keyword positions in Google and other Search Engines on a week by week basis.

I have decided to go with a WordPress Blog rather than a static website, simply for SEO reasons. The following are the plugins I plan to use on the Blog.

  1. Akismet anti-spam

  2. All-In-One-SEO

  3. Challenge

  4. Google Analytics

  5. Google XML Sitemap

  6. Maintenance Mode

  7. Open Web Analytics

  8. Permalink Redirect

  9. StatPress

  10. WordPress Automatic Upgrade

  11. Duplicate Content Cure

  12. WP-Sticky

Each one of them has a purpose in assisting me in my journey. I have chosen them after careful consideration.

Domain name: I had a choice of registering the perfect domain name for the niche, but instead I went to TDNAM and picked up from the Live Auctions there. You ask me what is the benefit. I did it mainly to avoid Google’s Sandbox and delay the results. The domain I now have is over a year old and is indexed in Google. It also has 4 active and related backlinks from a Pagerank 8 authority source. Lets say I was lucky. It cost me just $13. The owner probably wanted to do away with the name. I was his messiah.

My goal is to have about 50 pages of original and quality content in the Blog. I have found a Lady writer from the U.K who has agreed to deliver the content. I can probably settle for 10 pages of good quality content, but I want the SE spiders to visit the Blog regularly and in order to maintain their visits, I need to feed them good content constantly.

I plan to maintain a posting interval of 1 article every 3 days. As of now, the Blog has no articles at all. I plan to post the first one tomorrow and take off from there.

I know this post was pretty boring as it contained pure facts and no spice. But stick with me and I promise you will love it. It will be a great opportunity for you to gain live “as it happens” knowledge and someday probably repeat the experiment on a personal level to make your fortune on the Internet.

Stay Tuned!

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