Google fixed the PageRank error yesterday

In the past 4 days, Google PageRanks for many blogs/sites were lowered and some of them were even unranked. Sites such as, where one can verify the site PageRanks directly from Google’s servers were giving out weird results. This led to a conclusion in the webmasters world that Google was running another update and this time they were un-ranking many of the recently ranked sites and blogs.

Well, as of yesterday everything seems to have come back to normal. Sites that had a N/A result at are now clearly showing their PageRanks again.

My personal opinion is that there never was a second round of PR update. Google probably was updating all their servers around the world and they were not relaying the information out. So the PR sites couldn’t determine the figures and showed results as N/A. One of the sites I checked showed me the result as “This site is not in Google’s cache” when in reality Google had cached the site on November 4th.

To conclude, the only tool you can trust to verify your PageRank is the Google Toolbar itself. If there is a change or update in PR, Google will export the data to the toolbar and it will show up pretty fast.

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