Sunday Blogbits

Sunday Blogbits – An Update to ABC of Google Analytics

It has been a quite week for me, due to my bad health. In addition, my wife has also been sick all week. She has contracted heavy chest infection. This week has been another of those “Reflection periods” for me. I really enjoy those as the learning in them is immense. Recently, Google made certain […]

Sunday Blogbits – The Power of Focus

I took this weekend off for some introspection. My wife had gone to her friend’s place with the kids and so I decided it was time to look within and explore. Often, in the pursuit of wealth and abundance, we forget the fundamental necessities of our lives. In my exercise, the one positive characteristics I […]

Sunday Blogbits – Micro Niche Marketing Update

It has been couple weeks now that I haven’t posted an update on the Micro Niche Marketing Project. To refresh, I am building a niche blog on Acne Cure at AcneCure. The reason why I did not update is because there literally was nothing happening. The progress had completely stalled after I moved to the […]

Sunday Blogbits – My Favorite Blogs

I have quite a few blogs subscribed to in my Google Reader account. I thought I should share some of them with you in this issue of Sunday Blogbits. They are all very informative and waste no time in gibberish. Make sure you subscribe to the blogs of your interest. There sure is a goldmine […]

Sunday Blogbits – The Tumor Man

A weary Sunday for me. My son is ill and so is wife. She injured her back last week. The doctors have advised her to rest. I have been busy balancing between work and family.Pretty tough job. Make sure you read to the last. I have something for you at the end. You shouldn’t miss […]