Social Marketing

Social Networking Made Easy

I’m not sure how you feel about social networking sites popping up pretty much weekly these days, but it really drives me nuts. With all the hype that normally surrounds these launches, we cannot help but feel like we miss out if we don’t join right now.Do you ever get this feeling too? I bet […]

Monetizing Your Facebook App

This post was guest blogged by Michael Conrad from Make Money Online blog. Since it was released, thousands of users on Facebook have taken their turn in trying out Facebook’s API’s. The programs range from simple games to mini book stores. At first, these programs were created for the user to have something interesting to […]

The Politics of Guest Blogging

This week I am not posting the usual Review Thursday column. Since I haven’t written any good posts, I decided to compensate for it today. I am yet to recover completely and so, not really in the best of my writing moods. Nevertheless, lets see what I come up with. Guest Blogging. We all know […]

Review Thursday – Web2Submitter

In this week’s edition of review Thursday, I bring you Web2Submitter, a software that supposedly reduces your Web 2.0 promotion time by many many hours a week. It is basically a Syndicating tool; in other words, a social bookmarker. I have owned this software for the past 6 months. Before we go ahead, please take […]

Top 5 Marketing Strategies for the Year 2008

I have been suffering from a bad toothache since 2 days. I finally got through the waiting list at my dentist with an appointment in 2 hours. Today’s post is pretty short, but I promise I will elaborate it later. The Top 5 Marketing Strategies in 2008 for a long term business will be: Profile […]