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Review Thursday – Search Engine College

Please read my Affiliate Review policy before you go ahead. According to MSN Career, Search Engine Optimization is one of the 4 most sought after jobs today. You will agree with me, when I say that Search Engine Optimization is one of the key foundation stones for a successful business online. There is nothing like […]

Review Thursday – WordPress SEO Plugin

Last week and the beginning of this week, I had penned a couple posts on Search Engine Optimization rules according to Dan Thies. Dan stresses a lot on Google Pagerank and has developed his First, Second and Third Tier theory as well as advanced techniques like the Third Level Push and Circular Navigation for better […]

Optimizing Website Structure for SE Rankings

This post is a synopsis from one of the chapters in the book “SEO Fast Start” by Dan Thies. It deals with optimizing your web site structure for better visitor experience and Search Engine indexing. According to Dan Thies, there are 4 goals to keep in mind, while working on the structure of any website. […]

A Fresh Look at SEO for 2008

Here is a fresh look at SEO for your business in 2008. I was reading a book on SEO by Dan Thies today and was very impressed by his approach to Search Engines. Like every book/thesis on SEO, Dan covers the basics of Search Engines in the beginning and then goes to explore the deeper […]

Celebrity Bloggers: How Google Found them

The title has no direct relation to what I am writing today. I had to gain your attention. The information I am sharing is pertinent to your growth as a Search Engine Marketer and will help you outrank your competition in a healthy manner, so you do not make enemies. So, what are we dealing […]