AFS Loans Online – Offer for Unsecured Personal Loans

A friend of mine recently recommended I checkout a company called Accommodative Financial Services or AFS for short. If you are interested in an unsecured business or personal loan, then look no futher than AFS. They offer a full line of unsecured business and personal loans and even have a 100% Approval Guarantee. Personal loans […]

Monetizing Your Blog with Clickbooth CPA Network

What are your most effective methods of monetizing your sites? Personally, I am a big fan of CPA ads. If you aren’t familiar with the acronym CPA it stands for Cost per Action. You get paid from CPA ads when a user completes the required action. The action can vary from something as simple to […]

My thoughts about Websquash SEO Service

I first came across this website when I was researching on Google for SEO services for my company. This was about 7 months back. We had planned to outsource the SEO related activities to a third party company. For certain keywords, I found Websquash to be on the front page of Google. That did gain […]

Shoutwire – Have you paid attention to this little gem?

Visit any popular Social Media site or blog and there definitely will be a post about Digg and the “Digg Effect”. If not, you will come across a post about StumbleUpon and how great it is. By all means, I respect and agree with these thoughts. A front page exposure on Digg can get you […]

In Review:

First off, I want to make it clear, this isn’t a paid review. These are my personal thoughts. That said, let me begin. is a WordPress related blog. It was formerly owned by a guy named Bob from Malaysia. A smart guy Bob, he designed quite a few stunning themes for wordpress and built […]