Performance report

Sunday Blogbits – Performance Report and more

Blogrepreneur has entered its 3rd month. January was a pretty slow month, mainly due to my busy schedule and the accident I met with, in the late second half of the month. Nevertheless, there were a couple of interesting developments worth taking note of.

Sunday Blogbits – Bidding Farewell to 2007

The year has literally come to an end. This is the last edition of Sunday Blogbits as well as my last post for this year. This year has had its own good and bad. For me, the year started with a bit of turmoil with the closing of my Hedge Fund, but got better in […]

A Recap of November 2007

I launched this blog on the 12th of November. The blog started off the usual way everyone begins. I had given a few statistics in my first post promising to return to it every month to gauge the growth. I have to admit the blog has taken off very well and that I am happy […]