Top 5 Articles I have come across in the Blogosphere

This is a time stamped post. I am traveling since yesterday for an important meeting. I will be back only by Saturday morning. Until then, benefit from the links below. Do You Want to Run Your Own Business? Do You Have a Blog Commenting Strategy? The Bloggers guide to Team Marketing 11 ways to spring […]

Miscellaneous Blogbits

I logged into my Feedburner account and I was surprised I had 18 visitors subscribed. Not bad for a 10 days old blog. I suspect it is because of the posts I promoted regarding the contest I will be running next week. Oh, why am I saying 18 and not 28? It’s because the 10 […]

Bangladesh: Mother Nature at her angriest moment

I had to cancel the part 4 of the “How to” series after reading some of the past days news. One of them that took most of my attention and pushed me to delve deeper was the recent cyclone in Bangladesh. I have to admit, I was speechless after reading some of the stories. The […]